Monday, April 15, 2024

My Amazon Products NOT Selling – How To Increase Sales on Amazon for Failed Products

# What to Do with a Dead Product: A Comprehensive Analysis

In this article, we will be discussing what to do with a dead product. This is the second in a series where we provide a free analysis for one of our YouTube members. If you enjoyed the first one, be sure to check out the playlist linked below. Today, we will be focusing on a product that was launched about two months ago in the Amazon US market but is not selling well. We will be providing professional advice on how to recover from this loss, save your brand, and continue growing your business. We will also be looking at how to deal with the dead product so that you can focus on the new products you will be launching.

## Table of Contents

– Introduction

– Problems with the Product

– Sale Price

– Price Sensitivity

– Load Differentiation Potential

– Color Choice

– Main Image

– Market Analysis

– Top Results for Keywords

– Review Counts

– Competition

– Recovering Your Investment

– Option 1: Optimize the Existing Listing for Sales

– Option 2: Rebate or Discount Campaigns

– Option 3: Amazon Outlet Deals and Sales

– Option 4: Remove Inventory to 3PL Third-Party Logistics Company

– Option 5: FBA Liquidations

– Conclusion

## Problems with the Product

The first step in dealing with a dead product is to identify the problems with it. In this case, we have identified several issues that are impacting sales.

### Sale Price

The sale price of the product is far too low. We recommend a minimum sale price of $35. This is because it will absorb a lot more certain costs in this business as well as PPC spend, thereby elevating your margins.

### Price Sensitivity

The product is in a price-sensitive niche. Customers want the most basic version at a lower cost. Competitors have dropped their sale price, reducing your margin.

### Load Differentiation Potential

There is little differentiation potential for the product. Customers just want the most basic at a low cost, leaving no room for unique product development and premium pricing.

### Color Choice

Most of the products in the market are a brown organic type color, while this product is white. This may be impacting sales.

### Main Image

The main image can be improved. It’s quite basic, and one of the biggest issues is that it’s difficult to tell how big the product is.

## Market Analysis

The next step is to analyze the market. We looked at the top results for the product’s top two keywords.

### Top Results for Keywords

Looking at the first organic results for the top two keywords, we found that review counts are generally quite high. However, there is a lot of competition, and the sale price is quite low.

### Review Counts

Review counts are an important factor to consider when analyzing the market. Generally, the higher the review count, the more difficult it is to rank.

### Competition

Competition is also a significant factor. In this case, there is a lot of competition, making it difficult to rank.

## Recovering Your Investment

Now that we have identified the problems with the product and analyzed the market, it’s time to focus on recovering your investment.

### Option 1: Optimize the Existing Listing for Sales

The first option is to optimize the existing listing for sales. This involves improving the main image, reducing the price, and running a sale price on the listing.

### Option 2: Rebate or Discount Campaigns

If optimizing the listing doesn’t work, you can list the product as a rebate or discount campaign. This involves offering a discount to customers to encourage them to purchase the product.

### Option 3: Amazon Outlet Deals and Sales

Another option is to enroll in the Amazon Outlet program. This allows you to run clearance deals on Amazon to move stock quickly.

### Option 4: Remove Inventory to 3PL Third-Party Logistics Company

If storage or excess stock is a concern, you can remove inventory to a 3PL third-party logistics company. This allows you to sell the stock via other channels, such as eBay or in bulk to interested buyers.

### Option 5: FBA Liquidations

Finally, you can consider FBA liquidations. This involves selling your inventory in bulk to a Wholesale Liquidator who is partnered with Amazon. However, this option is likely to recover less value from the stock.

## Conclusion

In conclusion, dealing with a dead product can be challenging, but it’s important to take action to recover your investment. By identifying the problems with the product, analyzing the market, and using the five options we have provided, you can move stock quickly and focus on new products. Remember, the problem is never choosing the wrong product; it’s having too much stock of the wrong product.