Wednesday, July 17, 2024

OUTDATED Amazon KDP Tips to STOP in 2024

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Myth #1: You Need to Spend Thousands in Ads to Make Money

3. Myth #2: You Need Lots of Books to Make Money

4. Myth #3: You Can Do Everything Yourself

5. Myth #4: Amazon Will Ban You if You Use AI

6. Myth #5: Using Ghost Writers or AI is Unethical, Low Quality, and Kills Creativity

7. Conclusion

**Myth #1: You Need to Spend Thousands in Ads to Make Money**

🚫 False! While ads can speed up the process, they are not the only marketing method for success in the KDP business. You can start with as little as $3 a day and gradually increase it based on positive ROI. Additionally, there are plenty of free marketing strategies, especially using social media platforms like TikTok. For example, the book “The Giving Book” has gained significant traction through TikTok videos, showcasing its content in a simple yet engaging way. So, whether you choose to invest in ads or leverage social media, there are ways to market your book and generate sales without breaking the bank.


– Ads can accelerate the process of gaining visibility and sales.

– Social media platforms like TikTok offer a free marketing channel with potential for viral reach.


– Ads require careful monitoring and optimization to ensure a positive return on investment.

– Relying solely on social media marketing may take longer to yield significant results.

**Myth #2: You Need Lots of Books to Make Money**

🚫 Not anymore! In the past, flooding the market with numerous low-quality books may have worked, but Amazon’s algorithm has changed. Now, it takes longer for books to rank, and quality is crucial. Instead of focusing on quantity, it’s better to prioritize publishing fewer books of higher quality. By obtaining reviews and sales, you can prove to Amazon that your book is valuable, leading to increased visibility and marketing efforts from Amazon itself. For example, books like “Stress Relief Adult Coloring Books” and “Mindfulness Word Search Puzzles” demonstrate that a few well-crafted books can generate substantial income.


– Publishing fewer books allows for more attention to detail and quality.

– Higher-quality books have a better chance of ranking and gaining visibility.


– It may take longer to see significant results with fewer books.

– Creating high-quality books requires more effort and investment upfront.

**Myth #3: You Can Do Everything Yourself**

🚫 Technically true, but not always practical. While KDP offers the opportunity to handle everything for free, it’s essential to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Writing and designing book covers are critical aspects that can significantly impact sales. If you lack the necessary skills, it’s advisable to outsource these tasks to professionals. Investing in a professional book cover designer can make a substantial difference in attracting potential readers. Remember, viewing outsourcing as an investment rather