Saturday, May 25, 2024

Solution to plugin abnormality

Q: Why would there be abnormal access to the website?

A: The Shulex ChatGPT plugin currently uses the browser’s own method to crawl Amazon product and review data. If a large amount of data is crawled at one time and a large amount of data is processed in a short period of time, it is possible that Amazo



A:Shulex ChatGPT插件目前是采用浏览器自身爬取亚马逊商品&评论数据的方式,如果一次性爬取数据量过多,集中短时间内处理大量数据,可能是会被亚马逊平台间歇性阻止访问。反馈到插件使用的结果如图所示。


How to look a product to Sell on Amazon 2024

Running a profitable Amazon Fulfilled by Amazon business primarily involves finding excellent products to sell. It will either make or break your company. It will decide whether you can turn a profit right away or if you have to sell your goods for a loss.With several multi-million dollar brand laun


1. はじめに
2. ホテル予約チャットボットの必要性
3. ホテル予約チャットボットの仕組み
4. ホテル予約チャットボットの利点
5. オンライン予約体験の向上
6. 効率の向上とコスト削減
7. 個人に合わせたおすすめと顧客満足度
8. 潜在的な課題と制限
9. 結論
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