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5 of the Best Products to Sell on Amazon (or Online) in 2023

# ???? Top 5 Low Competition Hobbyist Products for E-Commerce Businesses

Are you an e-commerce business owner looking for low competition markets or to build out a product line in a hobbyist niche? Look no further! In this article, we’ll cover the top 5 low competition hobbyist products for this year. These ideas were provided by Seller Hook, a division of AMZ Scout. If you like these ideas and how they all hang together, you can also order your own set of ideas from Seller Hook using the link below.

## 1. Ring Toss Game for Adults

Coming in at fifth place, we have the Ring Toss Game for Adults. Looking at this market, we can see that in the second organic position, there are 28 reviews and 524 sales a month at a 28 Yoshi 32 sell price. However, there is some competition here, which is why this product is in fifth place. Nonetheless, even the second organic line has 31 reviews and 202 cells, and the 25 reviews have 186 cells. Low review listings are making sales here, just one line down from there. The 31 lower sold price is desirable, but the 465 sales or 32 reviews 516 cells have a little bit of price pressure, which is not ideal to see. Generally, fixed costs in the e-commerce game are easier to cover at higher sold prices, usually above 35 or above 40 sold price.

## 2. Kids Podswing

In fourth place, we have the Kids Podswing. Our first organic result has no sponsored badge, and it has 56 reviews and a better sold price of almost 35. It has 1100 sales a month, so it’s very good to see this one. It’s a bit more competitive and moving just one line down from there, we see 48 reviews and 32 reviews ranking very high. Although the sales numbers are a bit lower here for some reason, this one has a great sold price and is a bit of a bigger version. If high sell price is your strategy, definitely look out for the version selling for more. Here, 173 sales a month at just 32 reviews, one organic line down, 11 reviews, 40 sold price, and 130 cells. We see a very similar thing here, usually a 40 sold price, 40 reviews, and 176 cells. Not massive sales, but still selling while at low reviews, which is what you’ll be looking for.

## 3. Crochet Kits for Beginners

In third place, we have Crochet Kits for Beginners. Looking at this market, we see slightly higher reviews, kind of medium level here, but one line down, we see 37 20, so there’s a bit of ease of entry here. We would like these prices to be slightly higher, but both of these are selling well, with 650 and 320 sales a month. This trend tends to continue, with no reviews, 13.25, and some very good sales numbers on these two here. We would like that price to be just a little higher, but this one usually sells at a 40 sale price. What is cool to see, even though these are all low reviews, is that they are also very different versions, meaning customers are open to buying all different types of products here. This one, for reviews, usually has a forty-dollar sold price, but 26 right now, 480 sales. You can see all these different kinds of styles, so if this is your type of niche, you could do a lot of different products here. You should build out an actual product line in this niche.

## 4. RC Stunt Car Gesture Sensing

In second place, we have the RC Stunt Car Gesture Sensing. Looking at our first organic line in second and fourth position organically, we see low reviews, 56 great sold price here, and 1600 sales a month. Or this one at 86 reviews, 1100 sales a month, so really good sales numbers at low reviews here. We also see these two, 52 reviews, 13 reviews, good sold prices, both selling really well, almost 500 sales on this one and 1400 on this one. The one thing I will say with this type of market is, of course, differentiation is tougher, and you may end up with a lot of these products looking really similar. This is one where timing is really important. If you wanted the first to solve one of these gesture sensing RCS, that’s when you want to get into this type of market.

## 5. Golf Practice Net

In first place, we have the Golf Practice Net. You can find this one with the keyword golf practice net on our first organic line. There are no reviews, and then some more competitive reviews here, but one line down, we see 74 3 26 15, so very low reviews. There’s an excellent sold price here, at least for leveraging fixed costs, and very good sales numbers across the board, especially at a higher price like this. Over 200 sales a month is still very good in terms of dollar profit amount. But here are 74 reviews, 110 sold price, over a thousand sales, so there’s definitely ease of entry here. One line down, we see a similar trend around the 100 review mark, and also all making sales, not astronomical, but still making good sales at low reviews. Another thing I do like is that all these golf nets come in different versions. There are different ways you could do this, different targets and emblems, and ways you could add to this product and make it more valuable. That is a good thing in terms of private label here.

## Pros and Cons

– Ring Toss Game for Adults

– Pros: Low competition, good sales numbers, different versions available

– Cons: Price pressure, fixed costs harder to cover at lower sold prices

– Kids Podswing

– Pros: No sponsored badge, good sold price, ease of entry

– Cons: More competitive, lower sales numbers

– Crochet Kits for Beginners

– Pros: Different versions available, ease of entry

– Cons: Slightly higher reviews, lower sales numbers

– RC Stunt Car Gesture Sensing

– Pros: Low reviews, good sold prices, good sales numbers

– Cons: Differentiation is tougher, products may look similar

– Golf Practice Net

– Pros: Ease of entry, good sold prices, good sales numbers, different versions available

– Cons: More competitive reviews

## Highlights

– The top 5 low competition hobbyist products for e-commerce businesses are:

1. Golf Practice Net

2. RC Stunt Car Gesture Sensing

3. Crochet Kits for Beginners

4. Kids Podswing

5. Ring Toss Game for Adults

– Different versions of products are available in most of these markets, making private labeling a viable option.

– Timing is important in markets where differentiation is tougher, such as RC Stunt Car Gesture Sensing.

## FAQ

Q: Can I order my own set of ideas from Seller Hook?

A: Yes, you can order your own set of ideas from Seller Hook using the link provided in the article.

Q: Are these products completely unique?

A: No, these products are not completely unique. However, they are in low competition markets, making them easier to sell.

Q: What is the base manufacturing cost for these products?

A: The base manufacturing cost varies depending on the product. Please refer to the article for specific details.

Q: Are there any resources available for setting up a company and bank account in the UK?

A: Yes, Osome is a sponsor of this video and can set up your company and bank account in the UK for just 12 pounds. Please refer to the article for the link.


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