Friday, June 21, 2024

VOC AI Review Analysis API Introduction

Introduction VOC AI helps sellers(brands) to identify market opportunities and define winning products by leveraging sentiment analysis & AI/ChatGPT technology. VOCAI is now opening up its raw data or AI-analyzed conclusion data related to Amazon review analysis to large sellers or service providers with a certain research and development team. VOC AI can provide Amazon’s […]

How to use Shulex redemption code

During the 2023 Shulex year-end promotion, users who successfully subscribe to any version of Shulex will receive a free trial voucher.

If subscribe to the Pro version, you will receive a 7-day trial redemption code for the Team version.

If subscribe to the Team version, you will receive a 1-

[Course] 5 Steps to Select Products

Business Model

Since 2021, Amazon has been monitoring sellers more strictly, and very many sellers have been affected, with funds frozen and even accounts closed. In the future, boutique and branding has become an important trend. For new e-commerce companies, “positioning business model” is also

[Course] Learn About Shulex VOC

For the global e-commerce industry, sales volume, customer voice and traffic are the three key points supporting the long tail development of the brand. As an enterprise insight capacity building, it is very important to deeply analyze the data of thes