Saturday, May 18, 2024

What is Knowledge Base and Its Role in Customer Service?

Customers in the 21st century have evolved greatly, just like the evolution of technological advancements. Today’s customers don’t like waiting in long phone queues. They want instant solutions to their queries/requests. That’s why customer service is now incorporating many self-service options, and

An overview on Amazon Prime Day 2024

It began as a celebrations. It’s currently one of the year’s largest online sales occasions.Amazon’s standing as the world’s leading e-commerce company was strengthened by Prime Day. See if Prime Day is truly worthwhile for online retailers by learning more about its history and current state.In thi

Complete Shopify Fulfillment Service Guide 2024

Shopify provides various options for order fulfillment, shipping, and storage. We’ll talk about one in particular in this article: the Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN). We’ll look at Shopify’s fulfillment service, including its features, benefits, and comparative analysis with other fulfillment ser

Amazon Vine Guide 2024

Although Amazon Vine isn’t particularly new (unless you’ve never heard of it, in which case it probably is), the company has recently changed who is eligible to use the program to obtain reviews and how much those reviews cost. Here is everything you need to know about Amazon Vine, without further a