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Crisp Chat: A platform review 2023

Crisp is a live chat and chatbot creator for various platforms, including websites, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp. So should you build your chatbots with Crisp?

Let’s analyze!

In this article you will know:

  1. What is Crisp?
  2. User Interface
  3. Components of Crisp
  4. User’s/Client
  5. Messages
  6. Channels
  7. Integrations
  8. Promotions
  9. Pricing
  10. Analytics
  11. Templates
  12. Client Assistance
  13. Conclusions

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What is Crisp?

Crisp is much more than just a chatbot builder; it can also be used to host live chats across multiple channels.

Moreover, with Crisp you can:

  1. Make a help desk of your own.
  2. Create finished email campaigns.
  3. Make video calls to other chat users.
  4. Check the website’s online

Given its many features, Crisp’s primary emphasis is on live chat and customer support. However, you can expand on that functionality by using plugins. For instance, you can add the “Bot” plugin to Crisp if you want to add a chatbot. You can also add the “Auto-Responder” plugin to respond to inquiries automatically:

User Interface

The most recent conversations in your live chat are displayed as soon as you log in to Crisp. A menu appears on the left, containing:

  1. This is the live chat in your inbox.
  2. Visitors: Every person who is presently on your website
  3. Contacts: Every contact who had a conversation with your chatbot
  4. Email campaigns should be sent out.
  5. Helpdesk: In Crisp, establish a personal help desk.
  6. Plugins: To include additional features
  7. Configurations

Crisp offers a visual flow builder that can be used to create chatbot flows:

One of the flow builder’s elements can have its content changed by clicking on it:

You can test your chatbot prior to implementing the changes:

Crisp’s user interface is generally very simple to use. However, making your own chatbot was all that simple, as it takes some time to get the hang of Crisp’s interface.

First of all, it took some time to figure out that the “Bot” feature was a plugin because it was somewhat hidden in the UI. Second, a few basic things require a large number of Crisp components. For instance, there are three requirements to ask someone their day of birth in Crisp:

  1. Get the user’s birthdate by asking them.
  2. That value should be saved in a temporary field.
  3. Move the temporary field’s value to a custom field so it will remain there permanently.

Basically, you have to work these things out on your own, but you will quickly get the hang of it once you understand!

Components of Crisp

You can create your own chatbot flows with the elements that Crisp offers. They also supply the most crucial components. You can initiate another flow within your chatbot (good for scalability), ask for user input, and personalize the conversation by using conditions. They do lack a few other things as well, but they are by no means fatal.


You can view a summary of every user who has communicated with your chatbot in Crisp:

All of the user-specific data is visible to you:

It is also possible to pose a query to the user and record their response in a custom field. Similarly, with tags, you can simply apply them to specific users (referred to in Crisp as “Segments”). Sadly, Crisp does not support the creation of user segments.


You can install a chatbot on six channels with Crisp:

Moreover, Crisp allows you to send email campaigns. This is great because Crisp allows you to give your users an omnichannel chatbot experience.


Crisp includes a built-in live chat feature that allows you to transfer the conversation to a support agent when your chatbot is unable to answer a question:

Additionally, they have apps for iOS and Android that let you reply to inquiries from customers while you’re on the go. Additionally, they offer an integration with Slack, enabling you to respond to inquiries from clients directly from your Slack channel. To connect with practically any software program on the planet, they also offer integrations for Make (formerly Integromat) and Zapier.


Crisp focuses primarily on websites when it comes to marketing features. They offer a native website widget that you can fully alter to match your website’s colors and branding:

Additionally, you can use Crisp’s “Triggers” plugin to set up triggers on particular pages of your website. You can start a conversation with the user using these triggers:

There are no marketing options for other channels, like Facebook Messenger.


Two live chat agents and a limited feature set are included in Crisp’s free plan (live chat, team inbox, mobile app and notifications). You must upgrade to the Pro plan, which costs $25 per month, if you want more features or live chat agents. In addition to additional features like triggers, widget customization, and additional channels (FB Messenger, Twitter, Email, and Telegram), this plan includes four live chat agents (though it does not yet have a chatbot feature). Finally, Crisp offers the $95/month Unlimited plan, which is the required plan if you want to use Crisp to build a chatbot. All of the platform’s features and an infinite number of live chat agents are included in this plan.

Additionally, Crisp offers a 14-day free trial for every plan. NOTE: Sending messages to your users will incur additional costs if you choose to use Crisp for WhatsApp or SMS.


Analytics are available from Crisp on multiple levels, including Messaging, Contacts, Rating, Campaigns, Helpdesk, and Status. I’ll only be talking about messaging analytics in this section.

The number of conversations, the average response time, and the quantity of website visitors are all displayed on your Crisp dashboard. Additionally, it displays the dialogue activity and the support’s responsiveness over time:

Sadly, Crisp doesn’t offer a user input dashboard that displays the queries the chatbot failed to comprehend, which makes it challenging to enhance your chatbot’s responses.


Three templates are provided by Crisp so you can get started straight away. Regretfully, you are unable to make these templates yourself. Furthermore, your chatbot’s elements and flows cannot be copied.

Client Assistance

Crisp offers a wealth of (video) tutorials and comprehensive documentation to help you get the most out of their platform. Additionally, they offer email and live chat support.


Live chat platforms have become an integral part of the customer support ecosystem, offering real-time communication between businesses and their customers. Crisp Chat, as a representative example, provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline customer interactions, foster engagement, and ultimately enhance the overall customer experience.

So, should you purchase Crisp to build chatbots? You really ought to do that.

With Crisp, you can create a visual flow builder that is simple to use, save user data in custom fields, translate your chatbot into multiple languages, deploy it across six channels, and take advantage of built-in live chat and mobile apps, Zapier integration, and an advanced native website widget.

This article believes that Crisp excels at creating chatbots in the following two scenarios:

1. Should you wanted native online widget

2. If you wish to use a chatbot across several channels to handle customer service

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