Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Landbot: A platform review

Landbot is a versatile and innovative tool that has revolutionized the way businesses engage with their customers through conversational experiences. This article explores the concept of Landbot, its features, applications, and the impact it has on customer interaction and business efficiency.

Using Landbot, you can build chatbots for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and your website. You do not need to write a single line of code to create full conversational experiences with Landbot.

However, is it appropriate to use Landbot to build chatbots?

Check it out right here!

In this article you will know:

  1. What is Landbot
  2. User Interface
  3. Components of Landbot
  4. User’s/Client
  5. Messages
  6. Channels
  7. Integrations
  8. Promotions
  9. Pricing
  10. Analytics
  11. Templates
  12. Client Assistance
  13. Conclusions

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What is Landbot?

Landbot is an AI-powered platform designed to create conversational interfaces for websites, messaging apps, and other digital channels. It enables businesses to build interactive chatbots with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the need for extensive coding knowledge. This accessibility makes it a valuable tool for both small startups and large enterprises looking to enhance their online presence and customer interactions.

User Interface

The interface of Landbot is very user-friendly. It has a drag-and-drop visual interface that lets you join blocks together. Every block has a chatbot component, which might pose an inquiry or provide a specific response:

The ability to send a user a specific message depending on the responses he has provided is also very helpful. For instance, if you inquire about someone’s age, you can route individuals under 30 to message 1 and those over 30 to message 2.

The drawback of any flow builder is the same: if you receive a lot of flows, you may lose track of them due to the sheer volume of options. Landbot introduced Bricks for this reason. Bricks allow you to split a large flow into multiple smaller flows while maintaining structure:

The ability to test the chatbot right within the interface is just another fantastic benefit of Landbot. You can test the chatbot by clicking on the “Preview” button located at the top right of the screen. This will open a new window. There are two modes available for this preview: desktop and phone.

Landbot features a support button in the lower right corner, just like Chatfuel. You can directly access the knowledge base with numerous articles on how to create a chatbot through the interface. An useful app in case you run into trouble.

Components of Landbot

There are lots of components available in Landbot to build your chatbot. It’s excellent that they are lacking only two elements. Additionally, their “Conditional Logic” block—which functions incredibly well—allows for conditioning.


Adding custom fields to a user’s Landbot account is quite simple. Users can answer questions, and the responses are stored in a custom field. Sadly, creating user segments or assigning specific tags to users is not possible.

On the WhatsApp channel, user segments can also be made based on several custom fields. In Landbot, these user groups are referred to as “Audiences”:

Only WhatsApp has audiences; Facebook Messenger and the website channel do not.


You can use Landbot to build chatbots for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and your website. Furthermore, the latter platform is highly intriguing because not all chatbots support WhatsApp. The Landbot community has informed me that one of the primary reasons they selected Landbot was the Whatsapp support.


The most crucial integration for any chatbot software is the “Human takeover” integration (live chat) that Landbot has built-in. This enables a human to take over the chatbot’s portion of the conversation and manage the remaining chat via live chat.


The conversational experience that Landbot allows you to create on your own website is, in my opinion, its greatest feature. With any other chatbot builder, I’ve never seen a website with a better chatbot experience than with Landbot.

Additionally, you can use your chatbot to send proactive messages if you select the “Live chat” or “Popup” modes. Furthermore, you have the ability to make your own landing pages:

Landbot doesn’t provide any Facebook marketing opportunities. However, you can send Message Templates on WhatsApp using Landbot.


You can try out Landbot’s platform with its free plan. This package includes the creation of a chatbot for your website and 100 chats per month. You can also choose to use Landbot’s Starter plan if you feel that it would be a good fit for you. With this €30/month package, you can create chatbots for Facebook Messenger and your website, as well as receive 500 chats monthly:

Choose the Professional package if you’d like WhatsApp to have a chatbot and more applications. This package includes all Landbot applications and 2500 chats per month for €80 per month. It’s also helpful to know that there are extra expenses (€150 per month) if you wish to build a chatbot on WhatsApp:


Landbot’s analytics are rather typical. They have a dashboard that displays the quantity of messages sent and received, as well as the number of new and active chats:

Additionally, Landbot features a tab listing all users of your chatbot along with their attributes:

But Landbot’s Flow analytics are its greatest feature. You can see where users dropped out and how they proceeded through your flow for each chatbot in Landbot. When you ask people “How old are you?” for instance, this dashboard provides a useful summary of their responses:

This is an excellent feature that makes it simple to enhance the flow of your chatbot!


There are numerous articles in Landbot’s vast knowledge base that explain how to build a chatbot. They also have a sizable Facebook community and provide email and chat support to customers.

Client Assistance

There are numerous articles in Landbot’s vast knowledge base that explain how to build a chatbot. They also have a sizable Facebook community and provide email and chat support to customers.


Landbot emerges as a pivotal player in the evolution of chatbot development. By simplifying the creation process, democratizing access, and fostering real-time adaptability, Landbot has not only made chatbots more accessible but has also elevated the potential applications of conversational interfaces. As we navigate the digital landscape, Landbot stands as a testament to the transformative power of user-friendly technology, paving the way for a more inclusive and innovative future.

Would you like to build a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and your website? In that case, Landbot is the ideal chatbot creator for you. When it comes to chatbots for your website, I think Landbot is superior to the majority of other chatbot platforms. Apart from websites, one of the primary reasons to select Landbot is WhatsApp, since not all chatbot platforms currently use this platform.