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How Shulex helps to deal with negative reviews on Amazon?

Product reviews play an essential role in Amazon providing real-life validation for products. However, no one likes receiving negative reviews or reading negative things about their product. But negative reviews aren’t always bad if you know how to deal with them.

Shulex, through its many tools, allows you to make the best of your reviews. So, let us look at how Shulex helps to deal with negative reviews on Amazon.

How Shulex Helps to Deal with Negative Reviews on Amazon?

One of the things that you should always consider is no matter if they are good or bad, reviews are a crucial part of being an Amazon Seller. And to be successful on the platform, you need to take your reviews seriously and learn from them.

Thus, allowing you to further innovate and improve your product based on their feedback. Shulex can help us better handle this in the following ways.

Shulex Overview

First, when you look up your product through Shulex, it will provide you with a quick overview of your product. But this overview goes beyond just your average rating and sales. It gives you a short and clear visual representation of your reviews.

Shulex AI will go through the thousands of reviews on your product and provide a quick visual representation. Through the graph, you will get an idea based on the concerns that your customer may have about your product.

Thus, making it easier for you to focus on the issues that the majority of users seem to be facing. It makes it easier for the end manufacturer to tell the difference between a one-time occurrence and a recurring issue that needs to be handled. Furthermore, you see which features the customer is most negative about through just the overview.

Thus, allowing you to gain the most from your negative reviews and properly improve and learn from them.

Recent and Relevant Feedback

Another fantastic feature that this AI platform has for you is showing you the most relevant and recent feedback. Under the opinions tab, you will be greeted with a list of topics relevant to your product and how recently it was discussed by your user base.

It is a great way to know which issues or concerns raised by customers are still relevant. Furthermore, after making improvements to your product, you can check the trend to see if customers are still facing issues. And if they are, you can try and further fix the problem. So, Shulex is perfect for getting the most out of your reviews and avoiding any redundant feedback.

Easy Access to Reviews and Data

Shulex makes going through reviews so much simpler. Reading bad reviews is never easy, and going looking for them may not be something you look forward to. But with Shulex, it is so much easier to go over these reviews.

Shulex will go through all the reviews on your product and organize them for you. So you easily filter between positive and negative reviews. And the AI is smart enough to look beyond just the ratings when classifying negative reviews.

Shulex AI will scan through each individual review and mark down positive or negative keywords and phrases. And then classifying each review as positive, negative, or both. Furthermore, the AI validates each review to ensure that these are actual reviews and not just spam.


The best way to deal with negative reviews is to learn from them. Shulex helps to deal With Negative Reviews on Amazon by making the reviews easier to manage and interpret. As a result, allowing you to focus more on improving your product and getting the most out of each negative review. Get started for free to get a taste of the power of Shulex today.

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