Monday, July 22, 2024

Amazon FBA Products I ALMOST Sold… Here’s Why I Didn’t Go Through With Them.

**Table of Contents**

* **Product 1: Red Light Therapy Belt**

* Search volume: 714 searches per month

* Average price: $70

* Average reviews: 259

* Average BSR: 82,000

* Sellers: Mostly based in China

* Size tier: Mostly large standard

* Fulfillment: 100% FBA

* Competition: Low

* **Product 2: Lash Serum**

* Search volume: 104,000 searches per month

* Average price: $28

* Average reviews: 6500+

* Average BSR: 157,000

* Sellers: Mostly large brands like Grande Cosmetics and Maybelline

* Size tier: About half and half large standard and small standard

* Fulfillment: Mostly FBA

* Competition: Extremely high

**Product 1: Red Light Therapy Belt**

I considered selling this product because it was a new product on the market and I thought it had potential. However, the search volume was low and the average reviews were high, which made me think that it would be too competitive. I also found that the product was expensive to source, which made it even less appealing.

**Product 2: Lash Serum**

This product is still insanely popular and is still making insane money. However, the average reviews are over 6500, which is way too high for a new seller to compete with. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on advertising, this is not a product that you would want to sell.

I hope you enjoyed this video of walking through some of the other products that I have considered selling in the past but didn’t quite pull the trigger on. If you would like a part two of this video, just let me know in the comments. Happy product researching!