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How to build an FAQ chatbot in 6 minutes!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Building an FAQ Bot on Yellowroad AI
3. Setting up Categories and Questions
4. Training the Bot
5. Importing Questions and Answers
6. Testing the Bot
7. Creating a Flow for FAQ Prompts
8. Finalizing the Bot
9. Conclusion
10. Resources


In this arti

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1. Introduction
2. The Rise of Chat Bots
3. Understanding Chat GPT
4. Limitations of Chat GPT
5. The Potential of Modern AI Systems
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7. Implications for Internet Search Engines
8. Content Generation for Websites
9. AI Systems Writing Reports
10. Conclusio

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2. The Importance of Data Analytics
3. Introducing V’s AI-Powered Event Analytics Chatbot
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6. Asking Questions and Getting Quick Answers
7. Advanced Capabilities of the Chatbot
8. Benefits of Using the

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