Saturday, April 20, 2024

Competitive Analysis Feature Launched

?Support Amazon full volume single commodity, list, self-built commodity collection comparison

?Intelligent recommendation of comparison objects, one step ahead of the opponent

?One-to-one comparison of user profiles, product experience, purchase motivation and user expectations to understand the differences in positioning of competing products in the market

Shulex offers two ways to enter competitive analysis

Intelligent recommendations for comparing product combinations within the report

Enter an existing report and add a new recommended comparison pair of product combinations at the bottom of the page. The combinations are based on the products in the current report, and automatically recommend hot-selling products in the category related to the product for comparison analysis. If you are not interested in these comparison combinations, you can also click the plus sign on the right to enter the comparison report page and add the products or sets of products you want to compare on your own.

New Competitive Analysis section on homepage

In the home page on the right side of the new competitive analysis section, click to go to the comparison, after entering the competitive analysis page, a product (or set of products) will be displayed by default, this product originated from your most recent search results generated, click the upper right corner to close you can reselect the product (or set of products).

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