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How This 18 Year Old Made $100,000 Profit In ONE MONTH

How an 18-Year-Old Amazon Seller Made Over $100,000 Profit in One Month

👋 Hey there! Are you interested in learning how an 18-year-old Amazon seller made over $100,000 profit in one month? If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be diving into the story of Dylan Sawyer, an Amazon seller who has done over $10 million in sales and made a huge profit in December 2021. We’ll be discussing his journey, strategies, and tips for success.

Table of Contents

– Introduction

– Dylan Sawyer’s Journey

– Getting Started with Amazon

– The Importance of Community

– Scaling Arbitrage

– Moving into Wholesale

– Seasonal Products

– Managing Returns

– Maximizing Cash Back

– Final Thoughts

Dylan Sawyer’s Journey

Dylan Sawyer is an 18-year-old Amazon seller who has achieved incredible success in a short amount of time. He started his journey about five or six years ago with sneakers, which he had a passion for. He saw that every Yeezy that was coming out was flipping for double the price, so he started buying and reselling them. He did this for a couple of years until about 2018 when he started taking things more seriously and started his LLC. In 2020, things really started to take off for him, and he got his first Amex credit card, which was a game-changer for him. He was doing a lot of sneakers then, but the industry was starting to slow down, and he had a few friends who were getting into Amazon. They split an ungate method for $7,500, and that was the start of his Amazon journey.

Getting Started with Amazon

When Dylan started with Amazon, he was doing a lot of online arbitrage (OA). He found that it was a great way to flip his cash quickly, especially for new sellers. He recommends that new sellers double down on products that sell year-round because it’s safer and easier to avoid mistakes. He also suggests testing out different categories and writing down how quickly things are selling to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Dylan also recommends using gift cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay to avoid cancellations and to switch up your address a little bit.

The Importance of Community

Dylan believes that community is the most important part of Amazon. Having friends that you can bounce ideas off of and people that have made mistakes that you don’t have to make is a huge game-changer. Working with other sellers has completely grown his business to a level he never thought was possible, especially with wholesale. He suggests putting your face out there and documenting your story from day one. He’s noticed that a lot more people are doing that now, and it’s cool to see a growing community.

Scaling Arbitrage

Dylan suggests doing arbitrage until you’re about at the $200,000 a month mark. After that, it doesn’t really make sense to be putting so much time into OA. Wholesale makes more sense at that scale because you’re able to put in a big PO of $50,000 or $100,000, and you’re pretty much done with sourcing right there. Dylan suggests having someone help out on the purchasing side of things when you’re at that bigger scale. Having someone who can help you with purchasing while you’re able to keep finding more products is super helpful.

Moving into Wholesale

Dylan started getting into wholesale about a year ago and started taking it seriously about six months ago. He suggests focusing on wholesale when you’re at a bigger scale because it’s more efficient and easier to manage. Dylan recommends doing a lot of cold calling when it comes to new brands and products. He also suggests doing a lot of research and finding the best suppliers to double down with.

Seasonal Products

Dylan suggests avoiding products that don’t really sell outside of Amazon and the outlet. He recommends buying products that can move anywhere, like Converse and most Nike running shoes. Dylan suggests looking at seasonal products about three to four months early to get the best pricing. He also recommends making a spreadsheet of every holiday, every sports season, and pretty much everything. Write down when you need to buy, when you need to be in stock, and when you need to be sold through.

Managing Returns

Dylan suggests avoiding products that won’t sell outside of the Nike outlet or Amazon. He recommends selling dirty shoes on eBay and sending back items that still have tags and look brand new to Amazon. Dylan also suggests using prep centers to outsource the prep work. He recommends doing FBA instead of FBM because it’s less of a hassle and you get most of your feedback removed.

Maximizing Cash Back

Dylan suggests maximizing cash back by using different credit cards and starting a new shopping session every time you do a Top Cashback or Rakuten order. He recommends using gift cards for most OA stuff.

Final Thoughts

Dylan’s story is an inspiration to anyone looking to start their own Amazon business. He’s achieved incredible success in a short amount of time, and his journey is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and community. If you’re looking to start your own Amazon business, take Dylan’s advice and put your face out there, document your story, and network with other sellers. With the right strategies and mindset, you too can achieve success on Amazon.