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Make $4,271 a Month Selling Books (No Skill Required)

📚 How to Start a Profitable Side Hustle with Amazon KDP

Are you looking for a way to generate passive income without needing any writing or graphic design skills? Look no further than Amazon KDP. By publishing low and medium content books, such as planners, journals, and activity books, you can earn thousands of dollars a month. In this article, we’ll show you how to create and sell coloring books from scratch, which are not only profitable but also super easy to make.

🎨 Market Research is Vital

Before you start creating your coloring book, it’s important to conduct market research to ensure that your book will sell. You need to know what people are searching for on Amazon and what book niches are not overly saturated. That’s where Book Bolt comes in. This platform not only helps you create books quickly within their built-in Studio, but it also shows you the less competitive niches you need to focus on.

Start with the cloud feature, which will give you an idea of Amazon bestsellers within a specific category. For example, if you’re interested in creating a coloring book, select the top 100 bestsellers on Amazon in the coloring book category. Book Bolt will provide you with valuable information on each bestseller, such as how much the author charges per book, how many books they’re selling per month, and the publication date.

🌸 Designing the Interior Pages

Once you’ve done your market research, it’s time to start designing the interior pages of your coloring book. You can create coloring pages from scratch or download pre-made ones from websites that allow you to resell them. We recommend using Creative Fabrica, which provides graphics and fonts that you can purchase to use in your own products.

For example, we downloaded a package of over 550 adult coloring pages, each full of detailed floral designs to color in. We also added 50 inspirational quotes and positive affirmations for pregnant women, using Chachi PT to help us come up with fresh ideas.

To design the interior pages in Book Bolt Studio, simply upload the PNG files from the package you downloaded from Creative Fabrica. Then, add a blank page behind each coloring page to avoid bleed-through. You can also add text to each page using Book Bolt’s text feature and play around with different fonts and styles.

🎨 Designing the Cover

Designing the cover of your coloring book is just as important as designing the interior pages. You can upload your own graphics or download some from Creative Fabrica or Pixabay. For our cover, we used a flower border from Pixabay and added a quote with a description of the book on the front. We also included example pages on the back cover to show customers what they’re getting.

📝 Publishing Your Book on Amazon KDP

Once you’ve finished designing your coloring book, it’s time to publish it on Amazon KDP. Create a KDP account for free with your email and select the paperback option. Make sure to use the same keywords as your cover in your book title and subtitle, and fill out the keyword section with relevant keywords from Book Bolt.

When it comes to pricing, research what similar books are charging to make sure you’re somewhere in the middle. Under Book Bolt’s Cloud, click on Results Data to find the average price of the category you’ve selected. As a new seller, you don’t want to go above that.

🎉 Highlights

– Amazon KDP is a great way to generate passive income without needing any writing or graphic design skills.

– Market research is vital to ensure that your book will sell. Use Book Bolt to find less competitive niches.

– Designing the interior pages and cover of your coloring book is important to attract customers.

– When publishing your book on Amazon KDP, use relevant keywords and price your book competitively.


Q: Do I need any writing or graphic design skills to create a coloring book on Amazon KDP?

A: No, you can download pre-made coloring pages and use Book Bolt’s Studio to design the interior pages and cover.

Q: How do I know if my coloring book will sell?

A: Conduct market research using Book Bolt to find less competitive niches and relevant keywords.

Q: How much does it cost to publish a coloring book on Amazon KDP?

A: It’s free to create a KDP account, but you’ll need to pay for the physical copies of your book.

Q: Can I sell my coloring book on other platforms besides Amazon KDP?

A: Yes, you can sell your book on other platforms such as Barnes & Noble and Apple Books.

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