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Maximizing Your Profits: A Guide to Selling on eBay for Free

Learn how to sell on eBay with Sam’s basic guide. Discover important tips and tricks for making money online, including identifying your seller type, accurate sign-up details, increasing feedback score and selling limit, finding a winning product using research software like Terapeak or Zeek Analytics. Increase your chances of success with this free video tutorial.

How To Sell On eBay For Beginners (2023 Step By Step Guide)

Video by@SuccessWithSam

  1. The video is a basic guide for anyone thinking about selling on eBay.
  2. The video covers important things to be aware of and what to do/not do.
  3. The speaker’s name is Sam and he provides tips and tricks for making money online.
  4. Sam has been selling on eBay for 8-9 years and has helped hundreds of students get started as well.
  5. Before signing up, identify what type of seller you want to be (e.g., importing from China, thrift store finds, dropshipping).
  6. Put accurate details when signing up because eBay verifies your information through a soft credit check.
  7. Increase your feedback score and selling limit as much as possible before listing items for sale.
  8. Find a winning product that is evergreen, has repeat purchase value, lightweight/small size, 50% return on investment, competitive edge, and low defect rate using product research software like Terapeak or Zeek Analytics.
  9. Tevopique is free with an eBay account while Zeek Analytics requires payment but offers additional features like competitive research and title builder tool.
  10. Use the information provided in the video to increase chances of success when starting an eBay business

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