Wednesday, April 24, 2024

AI Listing Optimization Online! Sales Soaring!

AI-generated listings that understand consumers and boost sales with just one click

Combining exclusive and highly accurate comment analysis to optimize key content in listings, including recent product VOC performance, top category keywords, etc., to help increase listing exposure and conversion rates, and ultimately increase overall sales revenue.

User Tutorial


Select a product listing that needs optimization or a competitor’s listing that you want to learn from and use as a basis for optimization. Click on the AI Listing Optimization feature of the Shulex extension. The system will automatically and quickly obtain key seller comment analysis keywords, search terms, and hot-selling competitor keywords for top products in the same category.

The system will automatically select the most valuable keywords to include in the copy optimization, but you can also choose to manually select or enter prepared keywords in the input box below. After clicking the optimize button, Shulex AI will automatically optimize the listing copy that best fits local language habits and is more attractive and appealing to consumers.

The optimized results will be displayed on the right side and support one-click copying.

If you are not satisfied with the optimized structure, you can always return to the keyword editing page for re-optimization by clicking the button in the upper left corner.


By accessing the Shulex web version, you can find the entrance to AI Listing Optimization on the Dashboard homepage.

By clicking on the entrance, you need to manually select the product site and enter a product ASIN to quickly optimize the most appealing product listing, just like using the extension.


The AI Listing Optimization feature is divided into two modes: the Deep Optimization mode, which includes key analysis of seller comments, search terms, and hot-selling keywords of top products in the same category, and the Free Optimization mode, which only supports manual input of custom keywords. Shulex free members can enjoy two trials of the Deep Optimization mode, while upgrading to Shulex premium membership unlocks more opportunities for deep optimization.

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