Friday, April 12, 2024

New AI Topic Analysis Launched

New AI Topic Analysis is available! Just type in your questions and AI automatically analyzes it, enhancing time efficient and accuracy.

Shulex is here with the new upgraded AI Topic Analysis, follow the instructions to enter questions you want to know, then Shulex AI will automatically carry out semantic analysis and recognition statistics, quickly summarize all the relevant content, and in one step, you can get a detailed overview of the problems encountered by consumers and their real reviews.

  • Eliminate read and count manually, one-click analysis of all reviews
  • No language barriers, easy to analyze multi-language reviews
  • Support feedback and statistical test, real-time improving topic accuracy


1. Find the entrance to AI topic analysis on any web page report.

2. You will see the final effect after successfully setting up custom topic settings. Go to the upper right corner to start setting up.

3.According to the problem description prompt in the center of the page, enter the issue you want to know about the product in this report; and categorize this issue so that it can be easily found and summarized after setting up a large number of custom topics.

4.After identifying the problem and category, click on “Start Analysis” on the right side. Shulex AI will immediately perform semantic analysis and recognition statistics on all comments in the report, and display relevant content extracted based on the problem description below (up to 100 sentences).

Tip: If the extracted content deviates significantly from the desired result, we suggest that you modify the problem description to be more detailed and click “Reanalyze” on the right side.

5.Based on the relevant content displayed after Shulex AI recognition above, you can participate in marking whether these contents meet the problem description you want, improve the accuracy of the topic, and ensure data quality. After confirmation, click “Complete” on the right side, and the topic will be generated immediately.

Tip: The more feedback received, the higher the accuracy of this topic.

6.After the topic is set up, it will be displayed in the “AI Topic Analysis” module and support drilling down to view detailed content and comment details.

Tip: How should the topic description be written?

lease describe in as much detail as possible the specific question you want to know, and give a few examples of the possible outcomes that this question may contain.

☑️  Correct demonstration

How is the water flow pressure? Is it too high/too low/just right?

How is the size? Is it too big/too small/just right?

✖️  Wrong demonstration:(The problem description is too broad and does not specify the subject and its issue.)

Too hot


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