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Decoding Amazon HTML Product Description: How to Create & Its Legitimacy

Amazon product description contributes directly to the success of the product listing on Amazon. By writing a keyword-rich description, you will be able to rank your product better. Furthermore, a concise and attractive product description helps to convince customers and increase sales.

To make product descriptions appealing, some sellers intend to use HTML tags to format the description uniquely from other sellers. So, if you have also heard about Amazon HTML tags and are confused about using them, this guide is for you. Here, we will cover everything related to Amazon HTML description, especially emphasizing its legitimacy from Amazon policies and the better alternative for creating top-notch product descriptions.

What is Special About Amazon HTML Product Description?

Amazon HTML description is a specialized formatting technique that empowers sellers to customize the content and appearance of their product descriptions. It allows sellers to utilize HTML tags to make the words look unique, appealing, and reader-friendly.

The table below provides a quick glimpse of some of the popular HTML tags:

HTML TagDescription
<b>Bold text
<i>Italic text
<u>Underlined text
<ul>Unordered (bulleted) list
<li>List item within <ul> or <ol>
<ol>Ordered (numbered) list
<br>Line break
<a>Anchor/link for hyperlinks
<h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>Headings (for different levels of headings)
<th>Table header cell (for table headers)
<td>Table cell
<tr>Table row
<hr>Horizontal line
<strike>Format text as strikethrough

Incorporating these HTML tags into Amazon product descriptions will elevate the content significantly. But the main question is, does Amazon allow HTML tags on product pages?

Amazon Policy About HTML Tags

Unfortunately, Amazon has prohibited using HTML tags/codes in the product description page since July 17, 2021. Previously, Amazon supported the use of HTML tags, but now it has stopped in order to provide versatility in product listing on non-HTML devices.

As per Amazon, a product description containing unsupported HTML tags will not show HTML formatting. For instance, if one line in your product description contains an HTML tag, that line will either show without HTML formatting or be removed.

How to Use HTML in Amazon Product Description?

Although Amazon prohibits the use of HTML tags, there are rumors that some HTML tags are still allowed by Amazon, especially the <br> line space tag. However, Amazon has not officially listed any allowed Amazon HTML description tags. There are a few HTML tags allowed by Amazon, but they are for buyer-seller messages.

On the other hand, if you Google “Amazon HTML product description editor”, you will still find plenty of tools that claim to create Amazon HTML product descriptions using allowed HTML tags.

So, if you want to give it a try, follow the below steps on how to use HTML in Amazon product description with the Amazon HTML editor:

Step 1. Google “Amazon HTML product description editor” and pick the tool of your choice.

Step 2. Write or paste the product description in the input section. Format the text the way you want to display in the product description page.

Step 3. Copy the generated HTML code.

Step 4. Go to the product listing page and paste the HTML code in the product description section.

That’s it! This way, you can create the Amazon description in HTML without learning anything about HTML tags.

What is the Ideal Alternative to Amazon HTML Description

Since Amazon does not allow HTML descriptions, it is recommended to avoid using HTML tags. The better alternative is to use the options available on the product page to write compelling descriptions, such as bullet points, etc. So, what if we tell you that you can do it autonomously with an AI tool called Shulex VOC.

Shulex VOC is a ChatGPT-powered, most intelligent AI tool to help sellers easily create and optimize product listings. What makes Shulex VOC unique is that it helps you craft the most compelling product description for your product. Its AI assistant allows you to input the rough draft of your product features. Afterward, it will craft the perfect product description for you.

Below are the key features of Shulex VOC worth knowing:

  • Product Description Creation: It allows you to create concise and appealing product descriptions from scratch.
  • Product Listing Optimization: It analyzes your product description and then provides suggestions on how to optimize it.
  • Keyword Research: It helps you find the right SEO keywords for your product description and incorporates them into the description if required.
  • Virtual AI Assistant: It provides an AI assistant for human-like chats to get answers about product-related queries, creative image ideas, SEO article content writing, etc.
  • Chrome Extension: It provides a dedicated Chrome extension that lets you easily access listing optimization capabilities directly on the Amazon webpage.

In short, Shulex VOC is a one-stop platform to get top-notch Amazon product descriptions without brainstorming the content yourself.

Shulex VOC capabilities are not limited to just serving as the better alternative to Amazon HTML description. Its ChatGPT intelligence helps sellers to do a lot more with it. Using Shulex VOC, you can analyze product reviews, do competitive analysis, understand customer sentiments, and a lot more.

In short, Shulex VOC is an all-in-one AI assistant for almost all Amazon-related activities. So, why think more? Install the Shulex VOC extension in Chrome and test its capabilities yourself.

A Quick Look at Amazon Product Description Policies?

Now that we have cleared our concepts around Amazon HTML product description, it is also important to understand Amazon product description policies. So, below are a few main product description policies you should know about:

  • Do not use HTML, JavaScript, or any other code on the product page.
  • Product title should not be above 200 characters, irrespective of the product category,
  • Write concise and neat product titles, bullet points, and descriptions to make it easy for customers to understand.
  • Product images must be according to Amazon image standards.
  • Categorize the products correctly.
  • The below elements are not allowed in the product description:
    • Watermarks, advertisements, or promotional materials on logos, pictures, or videos.
    • Information related to condition, availability, or price.
    • Personal information, like phone number, email, website, etc.
    • Offensive, obscene, or pornographic content.
    • Time-sensitive information, like dates of lectures, tours, seminars, etc.
    • Alternative shipping methods or links to other websites to place orders.
    • Existing reviews or requests for reviews.
  • An existing list must not be listed again as a new product, no matter if there is a change in the product name, features, color, size, or material. Every new version should have a new listing page.

You can find the information on all the product description-related policies on Amazon Seller Central. So, make sure you follow all the Amazon policies to avoid getting your product listings suspended.

FAQs about Amazon HTML Product Description

Q1. Does Amazon allow HTML product descriptions?

As of July 17, 2021, Amazon prohibits the use of HTML tags or code in product descriptions. You can use HTML tags during buyer-seller conversion but not in the product descriptions. However, there may be some allowed HTML tags, but nothing is officially mentioned about them.

Q2. Will Amazon remove HTML-based Formatting?

Yes, an Amazon HTML product description containing unsupported HTML tags will not show HTML formatting. For instance, if one line in your product description contains an HTML tag, that line will either show without HTML formatting or be removed.

Q3. What is the word count limit for the Amazon product description?

There is a 200-character limit for the title, while the product description can contain around 2,000 characters (around 300 words).

Q4. How do we optimize the Amazon product description?

There are many ways to optimize the Amazon product description, such as SEO keywords, compelling product titles, appealing product descriptions, smart use of bullet points, content customization according to customer reviews/sentiments, etc.

Wrapping Up

Amazon HTML description was once considered an effective way to give a unique touch to the product page and stand out from others. However, it’s now prohibited by Amazon and may lead to violations of Amazon’s policies. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avoid HTML tags and smartly utilize Amazon’s available options for product descriptions. To help ease this hassle, you should use Shulex VOC to get AI assistance in creating the most compelling product descriptions with the right use of keywords.

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