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Amazon Influencer Earnings Guide: How to Make Money in 2024

Do you want to post your #AmazonFinds and get paid for it? You can make money from your content by offering product reviews and recommendations through the Amazon Influencer Program if you have a sufficient number of followers and engagement.

One of the best ways to get products in front of the right people is through social media marketing, and by partnering with influencers through this program, Amazon is gaining visibility. We’ll go over the program’s definition, operation, and strategies for success in this post.

In this article you will learn:

  1. How Does the Amazon Influencer Program Operate and What Is It?
  2. Amazon Affiliate vs. Amazon Influencer
  3. Can Anyone Become an Influencer on Amazon?
  4. Which Tools Are Available to Influencers on Amazon?
  5. How Are Influencers on Amazon Paid?
  6. The Amazon Influencer Program’s Benefits and Drawbacks
  7. Amazon Influencer Best Practices
  8. VOC.AI Influencer Program
  9. VOC.AI Affiliate program

How Does the Amazon Influencer Program Operate and What Is It?

For influencers and content producers, Amazon offers an affiliate marketing program called the Amazon Influencer Program.

Amazon defines an influencer as “anyone who has a meaningful social media following.” However, the company does not define what “meaningful” means, nor does it provide a minimum number of followers to qualify for the program. It’s on a case-by-case basis, and approval can either be immediate or given within a few days.

Through the use of special affiliate links, which are tracked and credited with purchases, Amazon Influencers are paid similarly to other online affiliate marketers. They might, however, appear in Amazon search results and have access to more marketing resources.

Amazon Affiliate vs. Amazon Influencer

The larger Amazon Associates still includes the Amazon Influencer Program. Although influencers are technically still considered affiliates, the term “affiliate” is more frequently used to describe people who are signed up with Amazon Associates.

Compared to Amazon affiliates, influencers have access to a greater variety of affiliate tools. These consist of live streaming, shoppable images, and individual storefronts. Additionally, they receive vanity URLs like the one below.

Affiliates and influencers have comparable commission rates, but influencers have access to more resources (more on this in another section).

Can Anyone Become an Influencer on Amazon?

A functioning account on any of the following platforms is required in order to become an Amazon influencer:

  1. On YouTube
  2. Instagram
  3. On Facebook
  4. TikTok

Amazon then uses your follower count and engagement rate to determine whether you qualify for the program. Although the minimum quantity of followers required to be eligible for the program is not specified by Amazon, having more will improve your chances of being accepted.

The rate of engagement is another crucial indicator. If you have thousands of followers but only get two or three comments on each post, it could negatively impact your application.

Your website must have original content that is openly accessible if you want to be an Amazon influencer. Paywalls are prohibited, and original content—as opposed to simply shared or compiled content from other people—should be posted on your account (as an example, check out YouTube’s TikTok compilations).

After fulfilling the requirements, you are free to reapply at any time if Amazon rejects your application.

Which Tools Are Available to Influencers on Amazon?

As previously stated, one of the primary distinctions between an influencer and an affiliate is that the latter has access to a multitude of marketing resources that other affiliates do not. Let’s examine a few of these.

Storefront. Amazon influencers display their favorite products and videos on the marketplace from their storefront within the Amazon marketplace. Here, fans can peruse the influencer’s picture albums, videos, and idea lists.

Idea List. An idea list is a board that allows followers to see the products that the influencer recommends, possibly organized by category.

Shoppable photo. Including an Amazon listing link in your social media photos is a handy method. Additionally, you could display them on your storefront.

Video. When consumers witness a product in use, they are more likely to buy it. The fact that Amazon influencer videos don’t have to be very long is their best feature. So long as the video and audio are clear, sophisticated editing is not necessary, though it might be helpful.

Live Video. By 2024, live streaming sales are projected to reach $35 billion. It’s a great way for the influencer to interact with the audience and display their personality in real time. Nevertheless, iOS users can only access Amazon live video for influencers at this time.

How Are Influencers on Amazon Paid?

Amazon influencers get paid by way of commissions for directing customers to For promoting the website, they get paid directly by Amazon (not by the manufacturer or owner of the brand). Commissions are calculated by tracking clicks and purchases made through affiliate links.

Amazon influencers can additionally profit from the Bounty Program.

Similar to the affiliate program, Amazon’s Bounty Program asks influencers to promote the company’s services and programs, such as Audible, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Music, rather than specific products.

It’s a good idea to check the Bounty Program frequently because new promotions are added on a daily basis. Influencers will receive commissions in the same way as affiliate links if users click on their special links to register for eligible Amazon services.

How Much Do Influencers on Amazon Get Paid?

The monthly income of influencers can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Everything is dependent on how many sales their links produce. Depending on the kind of product, commission rates change. Influencers on Amazon have the potential to make 1–10% of every transaction.

Amazon will then pay influencers via check, gift card, or direct deposit for their commissions. They must, however, make the minimum withdrawal amount required by each payment option.

The Amazon Influencer Program’s Benefits and Drawbacks

A profitable part-time or full-time career can be had as an Amazon influencer. However, if you’re thinking about directing your time and efforts toward other affiliate marketing platforms, these are the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon Influencer.

Amazon Influencer Best Practices

These days, one can substitute a full-time job for being a content creator. But, as anyone who has worked in the marketing sector will attest, you need more than a few adorable pictures to generate revenue and keep your fans interested.

To assist you, consider the following best practices.

Make your connections stand out. Include a link to your storefront in your bio. Make sure it’s easily accessible so that readers can peruse your content on Amazon.

Recognize your target. There are no product category restrictions for Amazon influencers. You can promote drills and coloring books all on the same storefront. Being the go-to person for something does have its benefits, though. This will make you more memorable to your audience.

For instance, Holland Paterno, an Amazon influencer, specializes in fashion, so the bulk of the products she recommends are clothing and accessories.

Make your websites more efficient. By making it simpler for them to find you, you can connect with more people and reach the right audience.

Talk to your viewers. Engage with your followers to maintain the growth of your community. They are more inclined to believe in you and your advice the more at ease they feel with you.

Continue to create. Maintaining current and engaging content for your audience increases engagement. It’s also critical for keeping your Amazon Influencer account functional.

As per Amazon’s terms of service, in the event that an account remains inactive for a minimum of three years, commission may be withheld and any outstanding commission may be subject to escheatment.

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