Thursday, July 25, 2024

Best Products & Categories To Sell On Amazon In 2024

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Consumer Trends for 2024

– Baby Boomer Generation

– Importance of Sustainability

– Focus on Personal Care

3. Categories to Avoid

– Electronics

– Home and Kitchen

– Garden and Outdoor

4. Categories to Focus On

– Personal Care

– Clothing

– Pet Supplies

5. Top Products to Sell in 2024

– Personal Care Category

– Silicone Body Scrubber

– Detergent Sheets

– Glueless Wigs

– Pimple Patch

– Hair Wax Stick

– Clothing Category

– Baggy White Pants and Jeans

– Cargo Pants

– Grip Socks

– Bamboo Pajamas

– Pet Supplies Category

– Interactive Cat Toy

– Dog Stimulation Toys

– Snuffle Ball

– Pupsicle

– Cat Hairbrush

6. Conclusion

**Consumer Trends for 2024**

In this article, we will explore the consumer trends for 2024 and identify the best categories and products to sell on Amazon. Understanding the preferences and behaviors of consumers is crucial for successful marketing and sales strategies. Let’s dive into the trends that will shape the consumer landscape this year.

Baby Boomer Generation

One significant trend to consider is the purchasing power of the baby boomer generation. Compared to Gen Z, baby boomers have higher incomes, more purchasing power, and a higher percentage of credit card ownership. They are also increasingly making online purchases on platforms like Amazon. Therefore, it is essential to target products towards this demographic to tap into their buying potential.

Importance of Sustainability

Sustainability has become a key consideration for consumers. Studies show that a significant percentage of US consumers prioritize a sustainable lifestyle, and many are willing to pay more for products with sustainable packaging. Incorporating sustainable materials into your products or packaging can lead to increased margins and attract environmentally conscious consumers.

Focus on Personal Care

Consumers are now more focused on personal care and the journey of products throughout the manufacturing process. Transparency and ethical buying decisions are gaining importance, with shoppers seeking information about the production journey. This trend presents an opportunity to cater to consumers’ personal care needs and emphasize the quality and ethical aspects of your products.

**Categories to Avoid**

While understanding the trends to capitalize on is crucial, it is equally important to identify categories to avoid. These categories may have declining demand, be impacted by inflation, or present challenges in product ranking. Let’s explore three categories that you should consider avoiding in 2024.


The electronics category has seen a decline in consumer spending, likely due to rising costs and inflation. With consumers having less disposable income, they tend to prioritize essential products over electronics. It is advisable to focus on categories with higher demand and growth potential.

Home and Kitchen

Surprisingly, the home and kitchen category has also experienced a decrease in consumer spending. This decline may be attributed to the overall economic impact and a slowdown in the housing market. Until the housing market picks up, it is advisable to explore other categories with more promising growth prospects.

Garden and Outdoor

The garden and outdoor category has limited growth potential, with only a small percentage of consumers spending more in this category. Additionally, this category is highly seasonal, making it challenging for new sellers to align with demand. It is recommended to prioritize categories with more consistent and year-round demand.

**Categories to Focus On**

Now that we have identified categories to avoid, let’s shift our focus to categories that present opportunities for growth and profitability in 2024. These categories align with consumer trends and have shown positive indicators of demand. Let’s explore them in detail.

Personal Care

The personal care category is experiencing increased consumer spending, with a significant percentage of consumers prioritizing self-care. This presents an excellent opportunity to offer products that cater to personal care needs. Consider developing products such as silicone body scrubbers, detergent sheets, glueless wigs, pimple patches, and hair wax sticks to tap into this growing market.


The clothing category, particularly e-commerce outlets like Amazon, is witnessing a shift in the purchasing behavior of the baby boomer generation. They are now more inclined to buy clothes online. Capitalize on this trend by offering products like baggy white pants and jeans, cargo pants (especially green ones for women), grip socks, and bamboo pajamas. These products align with sustainability and personal care trends as well.

Pet Supplies

The pet supplies category has been consistently growing in demand over the past few years. With a significant percentage of households owning pets, this category presents a lucrative opportunity. Consider offering interactive cat toys, dog stimulation toys, snuffle balls, pupsicles, and cat hairbrushes to cater to pet owners’ needs. Differentiate your products by emphasizing sustainability and unique features.

**Top Products to Sell in 2024**

To further guide your product selection, let’s explore some specific products within the aforementioned categories that have shown promising demand and growth potential.

Personal Care Category

– **Silicone Body Scrubber**: This product has seen a significant upward trend in demand, with over 300,000 monthly searches on Amazon alone. Its popularity indicates high demand among consumers seeking effective body scrubbing solutions.

– **Detergent Sheets**: Consider adding sustainability elements to this product, such as eco-friendly ingredients. Consumers are increasingly interested in environmentally conscious alternatives, and this can be a unique selling point.

– **Glueless Wigs**: With the baby boomer generation as the target audience, glueless wigs offer a stable unit sold history and upward search volume trends. This product aligns with their preferences and presents an opportunity for brand growth.

– **Pimple Patch**: This product has seen a surge in interest and provides a private labeling opportunity. With acne and skincare concerns being prevalent, pimple patches offer a solution that resonates with consumers.

– **Hair Wax Stick**: This niche has sold more units than popular gaming consoles. Consider marketing this product alongside wigs, targeting the baby boomer generation seeking hair styling solutions.

Clothing Category

– **Baggy White Pants and Jeans**: The resurgence of 1990s fashion trends presents an opportunity to offer baggy white pants and jeans. Look to successful brands like True Religion for inspiration and product benchmarks.

– **Cargo Pants**: Green cargo pants for women are trending, and this presents an opportunity to tap into a specific niche within the clothing category. Consider offering sustainable and comfortable options.

– **Grip Socks**: This product continues to rise in demand, with a unique feature that prevents socks from rolling in. While experiencing seasonal spikes during holidays, demand remains strong throughout the year.

– **Bamboo Pajamas**: Bamboo is an eco-friendly material gaining popularity in clothing. Emphasize the sustainability aspect of these pajamas to attract environmentally conscious consumers.

Pet Supplies Category

– **Interactive Cat Toy**: Despite search volume fluctuations, this product has a stable unit sold history. Capitalize on the growing pet ownership trend and offer engaging toys for cats.

– **Dog Stimulation Toys**: Competition in this niche is relatively low, presenting an opportunity to offer unique dog stimulation toys. Focus on differentiation and cater to the needs of dog owners seeking interactive toys.

– **Snuffle Ball**: This interactive toy hides treats and stimulates dogs’ senses. It is a relatively new product with potential for differentiation and market growth.

– **Pupsicle**: Branded by Wolf, this stimulation toy for dogs offers potential, but ensure you perform thorough trademark and patent research to avoid legal issues.

– **Cat Hairbrush**: Differentiate this product by emphasizing sustainability and unique features. Focus on providing a high-quality grooming experience for cats.


In this article, we explored the consumer trends for 2024 and identified categories and products with growth potential. Understanding the preferences of the baby boomer generation, the importance of sustainability, and the focus on personal care can help you make informed decisions when selecting products to sell on Amazon. By aligning with these trends and offering unique, high-quality products, you can attract more customers and drive sales. Stay updated with market research and consumer behavior to adapt your strategies accordingly and thrive in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

Please note that the mentioned products and trends are based on available data and research. It is essential to conduct your own research and analysis before making any investment decisions.