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[Course] How to Manage Amazon Star & Analysis Review



The star management process is distributed among the 4 important steps of the main product process:

  • Product design: through VOC customer review analysis of competitors, the star level requirements and objectives of the product are concluded.
  • Product Verification: report closed-loop problems through product verification test, VOC test, and formulate star-level maintenance plan
  • Product Launch: new product launch phase, intensive monitoring and evaluation and star rating, fast repair and optimization of product Listing
  • Product Operation: periodically NR VOC monitoring and customer service VOC monitoring to manage problems in a closed loop

Product Design

After the product manager puts forward the concept of new products, he will carry out VOC research on category competitors. And through the competitor VOC report conclusion category user reputation, product characteristics and star rating target.

  • Competition Selection

For new products with unclear product concept: Select products BSR Top less than 50 for comprehensive VOC insight of competitive products (as shown in the figure, Televisions BSR 100)
For new products with clear product concept: select direct competitors or 5-star products for VOC insight of targeted competitive products (as shown in the figure, Stoage Bag and 5-star Tape)

  • Competitive Product review analysis dimension
    Basic information and product parameters: product name, product price, product picture, size and weight, product warranty, launch date, packaging accessories, product selling point/function, product technology/spec, product exclusive selling point
    Product Evaluation and star Rating distribution: Total Review, total Purchase Review, total Rating, product Star Rating, star Rating distribution in proportion, PR quantity and proportion, NR quantity and proportion
    Top NR/PR statistical analysis: Top 5 Positive Review and Top 5 Negative Review by product
    Purchase motivation and other analysis: collect other indirect information for reference, such as purchase reason, information source, promotion or not, and group portrait
  • Star Goal setting

Comparing the evaluation situation of competitors, from the perspective of evaluation quantity and evaluation star level, define the evaluation quantity target and star level target of product launch period and operation period respectively. In addition, the product basic requirements, product breakthrough points and selling points of competitiveness are extracted from parameter comparison and NR/PR comparison.

Product Verification

After the product is developed, it enters the Beta testing phase. The main purpose of this stage is to verify whether the basic requirements of the products meet the expectations of consumers need, whether the competitive selling points of the products bring surprises to consumers, and at the same time formulate the star rating plan after testing.

  • Beta testing process
  • Beta test questionnaire

Beta tests can design different questionnaires for different purposes. Common test categories include: product appearance Test, product competitiveness test, and product availability test.

  • Star rating plan formulation

After the Beta test is completed, the problem is closed-loop. According to the sales target and marketing plan, the situation of competitors and the advantages of the product’s own selling point, formulate the star target and plan, and combine the operation tasks with the customer experience todo. The reference template is as follows:


Product Launch

When new products are release on the market, it is often a star-level break-out period. In the breakthrough period of this stage (1-3 months), the influence of the future star rating and ranking of the product is basically determined.

  • Pre-evaluation Reserve

Early Review plan: Vine project – Amazon official full site project. Vine customer Revier of free Product to help sellers make practical comments on reviews. It is the independent opinion of vine voices members,It is not affected, changed, or edited by the seller.
Request Review plan: Use the Amazon NR invitation Review function to handle negative reviews. When the products and brands meet the requirements, the official template can communicate with the customers for the return and exchange orders to solve the product problems and NR problems.
Media Asset evaluation invitation plan: Use category vertical news websites and vertical social network celebrities to conduct product evaluation. Through external word-of-mouth influence, internal transformation is realized.
Marketing Promotion Plan: use short-term pre-sale or deal promotion to expand sales volume of new products and accumulate evaluation

  • Breakthrough NR follow-up

NR monitoring and reporting: NR analysis report of high-frequency output products, comparing with competitors, and following up problems to form a closed loop
Optimize NR follow-up skills: effectively communicate with return and exchange work orders, customer complaint work orders, and negative social media information

Product Operation node

  • NR problem classification and measures optimization

For NR problems, reasonable classification and label management are required to facilitate normal monitoring and formulate optimization strategies.

  • Periodic VOC

In the life cycle of product sales, there will be various operational problems, such as the increase of return and exchange rate, the decrease of conversion rate, the increase of customer complaints, the increase of bad reviews, and the sales of new markets not meeting expectations. In this case, through in-depth analysis of consumer evaluation and comparison of competitor evaluation, the answer is concluded. Periodic VOC template,In addition to product information, parameter functions, and PR/NR, you need to design tags and add data sources for analysis. Taking marketing activities as an example, it is necessary to check the daily growth and order Changes reviewed before and after the activities, and find out whether there is any direct feedback from customers on marketing activities.

System Monitoring

The system can automatically monitor and warning. The monitoring and warning items are as follows:


  • Star monitoring needs to run through all product processes to serve products and operations.
  • The star level of the product involves the cooperation among various departments of the product, operation, service and market.
  • Star monitoring is to explore executable tasks from customer voices to optimize, rather than non-compliant evaluation

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