Friday, July 12, 2024

Shulex Product Library Launches! Easily Access Amazon Full Product Reviews

Ensuring Access to Full Product Reviews

Concerned about Amazon’s stricter data management policies?

Worried that plugins can only access and analyze partial reviews, leading to biased results?

Shulex’s web version ensures access to all product reviews!

Instant Creation of Product Analysis Report

Creating product analysis reports no longer requires relying on data acquisition, and there is no need to worry about frequent network access being detected.

Shulex has transformed the way reports are created, making it easy to create and generate data reports in just one second, shortening product research time by two weeks.

User Tutorial

Web-based report creation and analysis

On the Dashboard homepage, you can directly search for product keywords, single product ASIN, category names, or leaderboard names. Alternatively, you can create and input a list of product ASINs for analysis.

1.If you create a report through a search, the system will display products that match the corresponding input content. After selecting the target product, the report will be created immediately and analysis will begin.

2.If you create a report by manually inputting a list of target product ASINs, clicking on ‘Create’ will immediately create the report successfully and start the analysis.

Creating Analysis Reports with Shulex Extension

The extension supports creating in-depth analysis reports for individual products and batch product analysis reports.

  1. Creating an in-depth analysis report for an individual product will be successful and start analysis immediately upon clicking ‘Create’

  1. For batch product analysis reports, on the product list page, clicking the ‘Review Analysis’ button and selecting the target product will immediately create the report successfully and start the analysis.


Due to Shulex’s product database constantly collecting information, there may be a small portion of content that cannot be matched to the corresponding product. In this case, it is necessary to use the Shulex plugin to obtain data before analysis.

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