Friday, July 12, 2024

How to Add Bot in Telegram Group Without Coding?

There are two main use cases of Telegram chatbots, i.e., automated answering of direct messages or automated replies and management of Telegram groups. In the previous tutorial, we discussed in detail how to create a Telegram chatbot and automate one-to-one chats. So, we will continue the discussion in this guide and talk about how to add bot in Telegram group. Let’s get started!

  1. Why Use Telegram Bot for Groups?
  2. How to Add Bot in Telegram Group: 2 Step Process
  3. 2 Common Issues with Telegram Bot for Groups and Their Solutions
  4. Conclusion

Why Use Telegram Bot for Groups?

Before we discuss the steps on how to add bot in Telegram group, it is important to understand what its benefits are. Some of the main use cases of Telegram bot in groups include the following:

  1. Automated Replies: The Telegram bot can respond to group members’ messages autonomously.
  2. Content Moderation: The Telegram bot helps in the group’s content moderation. It can detect and remove inappropriate content or links based on predefined rules and filters. It can also remove members for posting inappropriate content. This way, you can keep the group safe from bad actors.
  3. Engage Group Members: The Telegram bot can conduct quizzes or polls to keep group members engaged.
  4. Send Updates Timely: The Telegram bot can help administrators easily share announcements, news, and other relevant content with group members.

Overall, a Telegram chatbot is like a virtual assistant for group administrators that automates most of the management tasks. Moreover, it helps to keep group members engaged. So, let’s now discuss how to add bot in Telegram group.

How to Add Bot in Telegram Group: 2 Step Process

Once you have created a Telegram bot using any chatbot builder of your choice, adding it to a Telegram group is easy. All you have to do is press a few clicks, and your bot will be linked with the group.

So, follow the below steps to learn how to add bot in Telegram group:

Step 1. Add the Telegram Bot to the Group

The first step is to add your Telegram bot to the group. For that, open your Telegram group in which you want to add the bot and click the top bar.

Click the “Add” option.

Enter the name of the Telegram bot.

Step 2. Give Bot the Administrative Control of the Group

Once you have added the bot, click the “Edit” option from the top right corner.

Select the “Administrators” option.

Click “Add Admin“.

Pick your Telegram bot.

Grant all the rights and click “Done“.

That’s it. This way, you can easily address how to add bot in Telegram group without coding. You can follow the above two steps to add the bot to your other Telegram groups as well.

2 Common Issues with Telegram Bot for Groups and Their Solutions

Now that you have added the bot to your Telegram group, you may face some challenges related to its responses. So, we are below discussing two of those issues with Telegram bots for groups and their solutions:

1. Telegram Bot Only Replies When it’s Mentioned

Once you have added the bot to the group, you may notice that it only replies to queries in which it is mentioned. However, you may likely want the bot to respond to all group messages. To fix this, you have to change the privacy settings.

Launch the Telegram app on your PC or phone. Search for “BotFather” in the search bar and begin the conversation with it.

Type the “/mybots” command and pick your bot.

Click “Bot Settings”.

Click “Group Privacy”.

Lastly, click the “Turn off” button to turn off the privacy mode.

Once done, the Telegram chatbot in your group will start responding to all the messages, even if they don’t mention the bot.

2. Telegram Bot is not Replying to Any Messages

Another common concern you can face with a Telegram bot for groups is that it does not reply to any messages. Even if you have added it correctly and turned off the privacy mode, the bot still won’t respond.

The main reason is not in your bot configuration, but it’s in your chatbot builder. Many chatbot builders don’t support this feature. ManyChat is a popular Telegram chatbot builder, but it fails to add a bot to the Telegram group.

Therefore, you should check if your chatbot platform supports Telegram groups. If not, then you have to create the bot in any other chatbot builder platform.


Telegram bots are the perfect way to optimize the use of Telegram and automate repetitive replies and other time-consuming activities. Other than using bots for individual chats, adding them to your Telegram group can be very beneficial.

A Telegram bot for groups can automate replies, content moderation, member engagement, and more. That’s why this guide talked in detail about how to add a bot in Telegram group. Therefore, follow the above simple steps and add a bot to your Telegram group(s) effortlessly.

In addition, don’t confine the use of chatbots to just Telegram. If your business interacts with customers on the web, WhatsApp, or other platforms, then you can also create a unified chatbot for them with VOC AI Chatbot. To wrap up, it’s time to maximize your use of chatbots and leverage technological advancements from the front.