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How to Create an Amazon Seller Account: A Beginner’s Guide

Would you like to sell things on Amazon? The vast customer base and easy-to-use platform of the online retailer make it understandable why a great deal of people are keen to launch an Amazon business. However, you must first register for an Amazon Seller Account before you can begin selling.

We’ll walk you through the process of opening an Amazon seller account in this article, along with some useful advice for inexperienced sellers.

In this article you will learn:

  1. Overview of Amazon Selling
  2. What’s Needed to Open an Amazon Seller Account
  3. How to Sign Up for a Seller Account on Amazon
  4. How Can Sellers Who Are Not American Sell on Amazon?

Overview of Amazon Selling

Amazon boasts over 300 million active users worldwide, making it one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. In 2020, over 200,000 new third-party sellers from all over the world joined Amazon, a 45% increase from 2019.

Amazon operates 20 marketplaces globally as of right now, with locations in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Singapore, UAE, Brazil, Australia, India, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, and more.

Not requiring a brand to begin selling is one of the main benefits of selling on Amazon. In actuality, a large number of many Amazon sellers are independent merchants who purchase goods from producers and distributors before reselling them on the platform for a profit.

Selling on Amazon does not require you to have a brand. In actuality, a large number of Amazon sellers are either private individuals or small companies that purchase goods from distributors or manufacturers and resell them under their own names.

With the support of their parent or legal guardian, a minor may be able to sell on Amazon. It would be necessary for the parent or legal guardian to open an Amazon seller account and take care of every step of the selling process, such as ordering supplies, shipping products, and providing customer support.

It’s crucial to remember that when minors are involved in any type of business activity, including online sales, they should always have parental or legal guardian approval and supervision.

What’s Needed to Open an Amazon Seller Account

There are a few requirements you must meet before you can open an Amazon seller account:

  1. Business email address or customer account on Amazon
  2. Credit card that can be charged internationally
  3. Government ID (identity verification shields buyers and vendors from fraud)
  4. tax data
  5. Phone number
  6. A bank account to which Amazon can deposit the money you earn from sales

The personal assets of the business owner are kept apart from the business assets through the use of an LLC, or limited liability company. This implies that the owner’s personal assets, like their house or car, are usually protected in the event that the company is sued or has debts.

Although it’s not necessary to have an LLC in order to sell on Amazon, many sellers do so in order to safeguard their personal assets. If the seller is sued without an LLC, their personal assets might be in jeopardy.

Additionally, having an LLC may make it easier to apply for certain Amazon programs like Amazon Brand Registry. This program allows sellers to have greater control over their brand and product listings, and having an LLC can help provide the necessary legal documentation to apply.

It is important to note that forming an LLC does come with certain costs and responsibilities, such as filing fees and annual reports. It is recommended that sellers consult with a legal or financial professional to determine if forming an LLC is the right decision for their specific business needs.

How to Sign Up for a Seller Account on Amazon

It’s easy to set up an Amazon seller account. To begin, take these actions:

1. Visit Seller Central on Amazon by going to On the “Sign Up” button, click.

2.After creating a password, enter your email address. Click “Next” after that.

3. Provide your business and personal details. It is acceptable if you do not have a business; simply enter your personal information.

4. Give your bank account details and tax information.

You’ll need to enter your SIN and additional contact information if you’re an American.

You will be required to provide your contact information and affirm that you are not an American and that you are not liable for U.S. withholding tax if you are not an American.

5. Please provide a working credit card and phone number to prove your identity.

For any fees, including your monthly professional selling plan ($29.99/month if you choose this plan), Amazon requires a credit card.

Amazon will deduct your fees from the money you get when you sell items; however, if your fees exceed the amount owed, they will charge your credit card.

Not a credit card holder? Regretfully, there’s no getting around this. A credit card is required.

6. After configuring your account, begin listing your products.

7. You can begin listing your products and handling orders as soon as you create an account.

How Can Sellers Who Are Not American Sell on Amazon?

By opening an Amazon Global Selling account, sellers from outside of the United States can sell on How to do it is as follows:

1.Open a global selling account on Amazon. You must first register for an Amazon Global Selling account in order to sell on as a non-American seller. With the help of this program, vendors from all over the world can list their goods on Amazon’s international marketplace.

2.Select the Market Place. The Amazon marketplace you wish to sell on will be your first choice when you click the “Start Selling” button. Choose “” if you wish to sell in the United States.

3.Give your business and personal information. You will need to enter personal and business information, such as your name, address, and contact details, in order to create your account. In order for Amazon to pay you for your sales, you will also need to submit your bank account information and tax information.

4. Check Your Identity. Amazon will request that you authenticate your identity by supplying a legitimate credit card and phone number in order to guarantee the security of your account. Depending on the nation you are selling from, you can also need to submit more paperwork.

5.Put Your Products on List. After creating your account, you can begin listing your goods on Detailed product descriptions, price details, and images are necessary to make your products stand out to potential buyers.

6.Control the Orders You Place. You’ll have to use Amazon’s platform to manage your orders once you start making sales. With Amazon’s messaging system, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your sales, control your inventory, and have direct conversations with your customers.

Note that depending on the goods they are selling and the nations they are shipping to, non-American sellers might have extra rules and specifications to follow.

It is crucial to conduct thorough research prior to listing your products for sale, as certain products might necessitate particular certifications or permits in order to be sold in specific countries.


The process of opening an Amazon seller account is short and easy, taking only a few steps to complete. Reach millions of customers worldwide by starting to sell your products on Amazon by meeting the requirements and giving accurate information.

Always make sure to visit Amazon’s official pages for the most recent details and guidelines.