Thursday, July 25, 2024

How To Get Tons of Amazon Reviews WITHOUT Getting Suspended

How to Get Your Initial Amazon FBA Reviews in 2022 Without Getting Suspended on Amazon

Are you struggling to get those initial reviews for your Amazon FBA product? Are you worried about getting suspended on Amazon? Look no further, because in this article, we will go over the safe and risky ways of getting reviews fast, things that have changed in the last year, how to get reviews even if you’re brand new and have no sales, and how to scale your reviews and catch up to those big sellers.

The Risky Way vs. The Safe Way

Before we dive into the methods of getting reviews, it’s important to understand the difference between the risky way and the safe way. The risky way involves doing things that go against Amazon’s terms of service, such as using friends and family for the first reviews, using email sequences, using fire sale groups on Facebook, and using messenger chat bots. While these methods may work, they can also get you in trouble and potentially lead to suspension on Amazon.

On the other hand, the safe way is completely terms of service compliant. This involves using the Vine program, which allows you to get reviews in exchange for free or heavily discounted products. While this program can be a double-edged sword, it is a safe and effective way to get reviews.

Things That Have Changed

It’s important to note that some things have changed in the last year when it comes to getting reviews on Amazon. For example, you cannot use Rebate Key as effectively anymore, and email sequences almost never work. Additionally, there is no more Early Reviewer Program, which makes it a little bit harder to get those initial reviews.

How to Get Reviews Even If You’re Brand New

If you’re brand new and have no sales, it can be challenging to get those first few reviews. However, there is a method called the Wall Method that can help. This method involves using every tool at your disposal, such as PPC campaigns, paid ads, organic traffic, and influencers. By using a mix of these methods, you can get those necessary sales to get those initial reviews.

How to Scale Your Reviews

Once you have those initial reviews, it’s important to scale them. One way to do this is through product inserts. By asking for an honest review and providing a call to action, you can encourage customers to leave a review. Additionally, you can offer a gift item or surprise that taps into the law of reciprocity.

Things to Avoid

When it comes to getting reviews on Amazon, there are some things you should avoid. Review groups, review services, and review agents can all get you suspended on Amazon. Additionally, negative reviews are inevitable, but there are ways to get them removed if they violate Amazon’s terms of service.

In conclusion, getting reviews on Amazon can be challenging, but by following the safe and effective methods outlined in this article, you can get those initial reviews without getting suspended on Amazon. Remember to always follow Amazon’s terms of service and avoid risky methods that can get you in trouble.