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How to Receive Free Samples from Amazon – A Complete Guide

We are all aware that Amazon is the place to go for almost anything. There is almost nothing you can’t find on this massive online retailer, from books to bed linens to baby supplies and more.

But how are we going to receive free samples from Amazon? Yes, you did hear correctly! Free goods are available on Amazon.

Let’s get started with this in-depth guide to see how you can obtain some enjoyable freebies.

Are Samples Free on Amazon?

Amazon may offer sample or trial sizes of certain products, and the cost of these samples is typically lower than the full-sized product. The availability of samples varies by product and seller.

Are samples Free on Amazon? Of course! Free samples of a variety of products are sent out by Amazon as part of their sampling program. It’s similar to receiving an unexpected gift in that you never know what you’ll get!

The program has been in place for some time and provides a means for consumers to learn about new products.

Recognizing the Free Sample Program on Amazon

The purpose of Amazon’s free sample program is to enable users to test out potential purchases. It’s a fantastic way to try things out before committing to a purchase.

Products ranging from grocery and pet supplies to cosmetics and health and personal care goods are all available as complimentary samples.

How Can I Receive Free Amazon Samples?

Obtaining free stuff from Amazon is easy. You register for their free sample program, make any necessary preference changes, and watch for your products to be sent.

For your convenience, the following is a detailed explanation:

Step 1: Create an Amazon Account to Receive Free Samples from Amazon

You’ll need an Amazon account in order to get started. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet; setting one up is really simple.

Simply go to the Amazon homepage, select “Create account,” and enter your information.

Use an email address that you frequently check to ensure that you don’t miss any correspondence from Amazon.

Step 2: Modifying Account Preferences to Get Free Samples from Amazon

It’s time to adjust your settings now that your account is operational. From the top menu, choose “Account & Lists,” then “Your Account.”

Step 3: Purchasing Items That Are Related to Your Interest

Here’s where the good times start.

Start your Amazon shopping with products you adore or have always wanted to try to qualify for free samples.

Why? You see, Amazon customizes the samples they send you based on your past purchases.

Hence, the more the variety of samples you may acquire, the more varied and regular your purchases are. It’s like creating your own customized wish list of examples!

Step 4: Looking forward to the arrival of free samples from Amazon

Here, patience is crucial. After everything is set up, all you have to do is wait for the samples to come in.

Giving Comments on Samples Acquired

Giving Amazon comment on the samples you receive is not required, but it can be beneficial to both of you.

It enables Amazon to improve their sample program, to start with. It’s a great method for you to let Amazon know what you like and don’t like so that they may better customize future samples to suit your tastes.

Not to mention, the more active you are, the more noticeable you become to the shop, which may result in additional samples being sent to you!

Which Products Are Included in Amazon’s Sample Program?

As was already said, Amazon provides a large selection of product samples. Anything from a sample of a gourmet food product to a personal care item could be sent to you.

This is a short list of typical freebies that customers frequently get from Amazon to give you an idea of what to expect:

  1. Grooming Products
  2. Sports and Nutrition Products
  3. Household Essentials
  4. Office Supplies
  5. Men’s Grooming Products
  6. Women’s Beauty Products

How Frequently Does Amazon Offer Free Samples?

The frequency of free sample distribution by Amazon is not predetermined. It may change depending on things like what you buy and the products that are being advertised.

Nonetheless, maintaining an active lifestyle and a varied shopping background might improve your chances of obtaining free samples from Amazon. Sellers can enter the market with a minimal barrier to entry and avoid the risk of buying too much stock because there is no requirement to purchase things upfront.

How to Get Free Samples on Amazon: A Guide

  1. Amazon Samples Program: Keep an eye on the official Amazon Samples program. This program periodically offers sample-sized products at a low cost, with the cost credited back if you purchase the full-sized product later.
  2. Subscribe & Save: Look for products that offer a Subscribe & Save option. Some products come with a discount when you subscribe to regular shipments, and this might include free samples as part of the subscription.
  3. Promotional Deals: Check for promotional deals and discounts. Some sellers or brands may offer free samples as part of a promotion or use discount codes for sample-sized products.
  4. Prime Samples: If you’re an Amazon Prime member, explore the Prime Samples program. This program allows Prime members to purchase sample-sized products, and the cost is usually credited back if you buy the full-sized product later.
  5. Follow Amazon Reviewer Programs: Amazon has programs where reviewers can receive free or discounted products in exchange for writing reviews. Keep in mind that there are guidelines around honest and unbiased reviews.
  6. Join Amazon Vine: Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program where trusted reviewers receive free products in exchange for providing honest reviews. Members are selected based on their reviewer rank and helpfulness.
  7. Participate in Giveaways and Contests: Some sellers and brands run giveaways or contests on Amazon. Participate in these promotions for a chance to win free products.
  8. Explore Third-Party Websites: Some websites and platforms connect consumers with companies looking for product testers. Be cautious and ensure that such platforms are reputable and follow ethical guidelines.

Continue to Keep a Varied Purchase History

Your free samples may be more varied the more things you purchase. Knowing that you’re interested in a wide range of products benefits Amazon. So, instead of limiting yourself to a single category, browse and buy from other areas!

  1. Examine and Add Products to Your Wishlist. Making a wishlist of things you’re interested in helps Amazon know what kinds of products you’d like to try. Put anything on your wishlist, whether it’s a gourmet culinary item you’ve been dying to taste or a brand-new skincare line.
  2. Participate in the Events & Promotions on Amazon. Don’t forget to take part in Amazon promotions, such Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Prime Day. Amazon frequently releases new products and extends its free sample offer during these occasions.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding the Free Sample Offer from Amazon

  1. Is Amazon’s Sample Program still available? Amazon’s Sample Program was available, but the availability of such programs can change. Check Amazon’s official announcements or visit the product pages for the latest information.
  2. How does Amazon’s Sample Program work? The Amazon Samples Program typically allows customers to purchase sample-sized versions of products at a low cost. The cost of the sample is then credited back if you later decide to purchase the full-sized product.
  3. Are all samples on Amazon free? No, not all samples on Amazon are free. While some products may offer free or discounted samples, others may come with a small cost.
  4. Can I get free samples without making a purchase? Getting completely free samples on Amazon without any purchase is less common. Some sellers may offer promotional deals or giveaways, but these opportunities may vary.
  5. Can Amazon Prime members get free samples? Amazon Prime members may have access to certain sample programs or exclusive deals. Prime Samples is one such program that allows Prime members to purchase sample-sized products.
  6. How can I find out about sample promotions? Check Amazon’s official announcements, subscribe to newsletters, or follow Amazon on social media to stay updated on sample promotions. Additionally, regularly visit product pages for any available sample offers.
  7. Are there risks associated with obtaining free samples? Be cautious of scams or unauthorized offers. Stick to official Amazon programs and reputable sellers. Avoid sharing sensitive information or engaging in practices that violate Amazon’s guidelines.
  8. Can I review samples I receive for free? Amazon has guidelines for product reviews, and it’s essential to provide honest and unbiased feedback. Be aware of the rules to avoid violating Amazon’s review policies.
  9. How do I participate in Amazon Vine? Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program for trusted reviewers. Members are selected based on their reviewer rank and helpfulness. If eligible, you may receive invitations to join.
  10. Do third-party websites offer Amazon samples? Some third-party websites may connect consumers with companies looking for product testers. Exercise caution and ensure the legitimacy of such platforms to avoid scams.

Other Businesses That Provide Complimentary Samples

This is a list of more businesses that might be open to providing you with free samples. This carefully chosen list of businesses offers more than just Amazon; it includes free beauty samples and household essentials.

  1. Walmart
  2. PINCHme
  3. Sephora
  4. Target
  5. Breather Right Strips
  6. Home School.com
  7. Johnson & Johnson
  8. McCormick
  9. Gillette
  10. Similac


That’s the lowdown on how to get free samples from Amazon! It’s so easy, as you can see: just change your preferences, shop, and watch for surprises to arrive in your inbox!