Wednesday, April 17, 2024

How to use Shulex redemption code

During the 2023 Shulex year-end promotion, users who successfully subscribe to any version of Shulex will receive a free trial voucher.

  • If subscribe to the Pro version, you will receive a 7-day trial redemption code for the Team version.
  • If subscribe to the Team version, you will receive a 1-month trial redemption code for the Personal version.

The redemption code must be redeemed and used within one month, and can only be redeemed and used by free accounts. It becomes invalid after redemption.

How to get the redemption code?

After successful subscription, you can view the gifted redemption code on the “Gifts and Benefits” page in the user center.

How to activate redemption code?

User center –> Subscription –> Activate redemption code

Enter the code

Activation successfully

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