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Super detailed! Full checklist for Amazon Prime Day 2023!

Amazon Prime Members’ Day 2023 will take place worldwide from July 11-12. The event will cover 25 countries, continuing its expansion from last year, including the US, UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, and the India event will take place later this summer. 

The countdown to Prime Members’ Day 2023 is underway! Hurry up and do a last detailed and comprehensive check to make a big push for the promotion!

Before we start the big check, I want to remind you to pay attention to the deadline of Prime Members’ Day promotion, so as not to miss a good opportunity to explode the single!

Prime Day Promotion Suggestions for Amazon Sellers

Prime exclusive discounts and coupons are still open for submission!

Please complete your submission before the Prime Day event!

Coupon Submission Suggestions:

✔︎ Submit early! Coupons need to be valid as soon as 6 hours

✔︎ Coupons must be set up to cover the Prime Day event time period.

✔︎ Sellers who are in a position to do so can start running coupons earlier than the event time to warm up their products.

Suggestions for reporting Prime discounts:

Items submitted for Prime exclusive discounts must meet the following 2 policies:

✔︎ Items must have a valid reference price (List Price or Was Price)

✔︎ The Prime discount price for the Prime membership day should be at least 15% off the base price (i.e. the crossed out price displayed on the detail page when the item is on sale)

It takes a few hours for the Prime discount to take effect even after it has been claimed!

⚠️ If you have filled in the reference price for the product, you will see the crossed-out price displayed on the front of Amazon.com after the system completes verification; if the status of the Prime discount submission on the seller’s platform shows “Forbidden to display” or “No reference price If the status of the Prime discount offer on the seller’s platform is “Forbidden to display” or “No reference price”, it means that the reference price you set for the product has not been verified by the Amazon system.

1. Check Promotional activities

Sellers who have already submitted promotions, the closer to the Prime Membership Day, the more attention should be paid to always check whether the promotion is at risk of being canceled.

The following actions must be strictly avoided to prevent Prime Membership Day Deal from being cancelled

1️⃣ The promotion price does not meet Amazon’s recommended maximum promotion price requirement

2️⃣ Any images of the promotion (including text) do not follow the style guide requirements

3️⃣ Lack of reference price may cause Deal to be cancelled, if you receive a reminder, please fill in the reference price as soon as possible

4️⃣ Item quantity levels do not meet or are lower than the seller set quantity:

Available inventory is lower than the promotional commitment inventory
The sub ASINs included in the spike promotion cannot reach the minimum ASIN coverage required by Amazon
5️⃣ Temporary merging/splitting of variants for a Listing that has already applied for a campaign. This behavior may cause the system to re-examine the campaign and lose the campaign eligibility

6️⃣ Temporary price adjustments:

For ASINs that are already confirmed to participate in the promotion, if a price adjustment is made now, it may affect their maximum pricing requirement for the promotion
If the price is changed within 24 hours of the promotion going live, your promotion may be cancelled
Unauthorized price adjustments while a Deal promotion is “in progress” may cause system issues that prevent Deal from continuing and result in a poorer experience for consumers who have previously purchased the item, leading to customer complaints and other risks
In addition to the need to pay attention to check the official emails from Amazon, you also need to actively monitor the reported promotions through the seller platform.

Monitor reported Deal activities

Check Path: Seller’s Center -> Promotions -> Filter out Deal activities with “Needs Attention” status

  • Click on the “Edit” button in the far right column to view the “Promotion Details”
  • Follow the instructions on the details page to fix the promotion price, promotion quantity, or sub-variant coverage (errors will be marked in red font or yellow at ⚠️)*
  • Click the “Submit” button

* If your promotion is disabled and there is no obvious reason for it, click the “Submit” button to reload and refresh the promotion.

Monitor the reported Prime discount

Check path: Seller’s Center -> Advertising -> Prime Discount -> Check the “Attention” items in the “Status” column, click “View Details” and do the corresponding operation

You can find the Prime discounts that have been disabled and the reason why they were disabled in the “Status” column, and edit the promotion settings according to the prompted reason.

(*Note that it will take 2 hours for your edits to update)

2. Check Listing

Listing is the face of the role, can not be ignored, be sure to check whether the Listing is well optimized. Sellers should carefully compare the following self-check list to check the reasons that may lead to Listing ban.

Self-check list

☑️ whether there is a main picture

☑️ The title is correct and not more than 200 characters long

☑️ has brand, product description/key points and other attributes

☑️ has a valid UPC

☑️ The “Category (Product Type)” field of the product cannot have no value

☑️ Both the main image and the accompanying image meet the image requirements

☑️ Product variant compliance

The most easy to step on the basic requirements of the picture and title requirements, please take it, and check the compliance one by one:

Basic image requirements

✔︎ The main picture should be a pure white background (RGB color value of 255, 255, 255)

✔︎ The main image must be a professional photo of the actual item (no graphics, illustrations, physical models or placeholders) and must not show accessories that are not for sale, supports that may confuse buyers, text that is not part of the item, or logos/watermarks/inline images

✔︎ images should not be less than 1,600 pixels on the longest side, meeting this minimum size requirement allows for scaling on the site

✔︎ images should not exceed 10,000 pixels on the longest side

✔︎ Amazon accepts JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif) or GIF (.gif) file formats, but JPEG is preferred (the server does not support .gif motion pictures)

✔︎ The main shoe and boot image should be a single shoe and boot at a 45 degree angle facing left

✔︎ Women’s and men’s clothing main images should be model photos

✔︎ All images of children’s and baby clothing should be shot flat (without the use of a model)

As a source of first impressions, the quality of images should not be neglected. Choose images that are clear, easy to understand, informative and attractive in appearance.

When checking the quality of pictures, sellers should pay attention to the following points:

Image quality points to note

✔︎ pictures in size, color and other aspects of the description of the goods match

✔︎ can identify the product in the picture

✔︎ Pictures are photos, not paintings

✔︎ Pictures are taken from an angle that highlights the advantages of the merchandise

✔︎ The item is in focus and well lit

✔︎ Close-ups are not obscured by highlights or shadows

✔︎ Merchandise occupies at least 85% of the image

✔︎ Images depict the complete product

✔︎ Backgrounds are simple and clear and do not interfere with the product itself

Basic caption requirements

✔︎ If multiple items are sold in a bundle, add (pack of X) to the item title

✔︎ Use Arabic numerals (“2” instead of “two”)

✔︎ Spell out the unit of measurement (“6 inches” instead of “6”)

❌ Do not use all uppercase letters

❌ Do not use symbols, such as ~! * $ ? _ ~ { } [ ] # <> | * ; / ^ ¬ ¦.

❌ Do not use environment-dependent text or face characters

❌ Do not include product prices or promotions, such as “on sale” or “free shipping”

❌ Do not use subjective review terms such as “Hot Product” or “Best Seller”

❌ Do not include your seller’s name in the product name

⚠️ Note: Amazon’s specific word count requirements for titles vary by site and category, so please search each site’s “Style Guide” on the seller platform for details.

By leveraging Shulex’s tools and expertise, you can optimize the content of your listings and leverage the power of AI to produce user-friendly, user-friendly product descriptions that make your products stand out.

3. Check the security of your account

In addition to the prep work to polish, account health also need to pay attention to! Especially in the promotion stage, once the account problems, then you can only say goodbye to the peak season traffic. Therefore, before the promotion, please confirm your account health again. So to have a healthy account status, what operations are required? Next, I will introduce how to check the “account status rating” and “performance notification” to determine the health of the account and how to solve the account health problems.

Check “Account Status Ratings”

🔍Check path: Seller Center -> Performance -> Go to “Account Status” page to view

Green: Safety

Yellow: At risk

Red: Unsafe

Check”Performance Notification”

🔍Check path: SellerCenter -> Performance -> Go to “Performance Notifications” page to view

Multi-site sellers should ensure that they check the performance notifications for each site in a timely manner, as notifications may vary from site to site;

Sellers with “good” account status should also check the content of the Performance Notifications you receive and synchronize them to ensure the safety of your account.

4. Check advertising campaign

Advertising campaigns can be a great addition to your products! The above self-check list also lists the “campaign check” rules, so please compare them carefully and optimize the campaign in all aspects. Please note that the correct and reasonable planning of advertising activities to enhance the effect of advertising, to achieve the role of the finishing touch, not blindly. The following is a list of misconceptions about advertising campaigns based on sellers’ experience.

❌ Place all products in one campaign

✔︎ recommends setting up campaigns by product category, type, brand or price

❌ Use high traffic but irrelevant keywords

✔︎ Ensure that the keywords placed are highly relevant to the product, so that the ads are more likely to win bids and get better search results and display positions

❌ Self-delivered ASINs do not need to have ads turned on

✔︎ Turning on ads for self-delivered ASINs can also be effective in increasing exposure and sales

❌ Not running ads on all sites

The control of the advertising budget during the peak season is the most important concern for sellers, and the lack of exposure to clicks leads to budget spending without traffic, or the budget is spent early, which will affect the effectiveness of the promotion advertising, it is recommended that the following levels of self-examination:

Insufficient product exposure

Insufficient keywords for ad placement

✔︎ Check whether product titles and buried words include sufficient keywords

✔︎ Optimize keyword placement: avoid relying too much on precise/phrase matching and long-tail word placement strategies

✔︎ Continuously turn on automatic advertising, constantly expand and screen words, cycle optimization

Competitive bidding is not competitive

✔︎ Compare actual CPC and bids to see how competitive your bids are

✔︎ appropriate to raise the bid, and continue to observe the effect of advertising, and constantly amend to achieve a reasonable ACOS under the expected amount of orders

✔︎ New products are not recommended to use the “dynamic bidding only reduce” bidding strategy

Low product click rate

The choice of advertising ASIN

❓ Whether there is an advantage in the delivery method

❓ Special attributes of the product (niche, long tail, seasonal products)

Optimization of advertising ASIN’s Listing

✔︎ Especially title, main picture, price, evaluation

Bidding is not competitive

✔︎ Compare actual CPC and bids to see how competitive your bids are

✔︎ Increase the bidding price appropriately, continuously observe the advertising effect, and continuously correct to reach the expected amount of orders under reasonable ACOS

Advertising keywords are not accurate

✔︎ Open manual placement for keywords with strong relevance or high conversion, phrase or precise matching

Spend the budget early

❌ It is not advisable to set too many ad groups and placement keywords/placement products for the same campaign, which will dilute the budget amount for each word and will not meet the sufficient clicks for each word/product

✔︎ recommends keeping the number of keywords placed in a single campaign at 10-30

❌ It is not recommended to put high click words (big words, precise words) and low click (long tail words) words in the same campaign, which will easily cause the big words to consume too much budget and cannot allocate enough budget to other words

✔︎ With the Amazon Advertising Platform budget rules feature, advertisers can have more flexibility in using their advertising budgets

5. Check brand security

At this stage, sellers also need to pay attention to the infringement problem, whether it is infringed or mistaken for infringement, if not dealt with in a timely manner, the preliminary preparations will be lost! I summarized the most concerned about the sellers friends but also the most afraid to encounter problems during the Prime membership day, it is recommended to read the collection, just in case.

Do not want to follow the price fluctuations and the risk of Deal failure brought about by selling, and do not want to report afterwards, sellers can consider adding their main products and hot products to the Transparency Transparency Program to prevent the occurrence of fake followers. Currently, the first time to join the program ASIN can be used for free for a limited time.

Did you work hard to create an image for a promotion and have it stolen by another seller without authorization? You can use the Report a Violation tool (Report a Violation; Seller Center -> Brand -> Brand Protection) to report copyright infringement, and copyright ownership does not necessarily need to be registered, but is generated automatically when the creation is completed. Therefore, the key to a successful report is to keep evidence of what copyright ownership is in place in advance

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