Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Report is editable, and Rating Optimization Launched

Rating Optimization launched in Pro version

Deeply analyzing the core factors that influence the star rating of this product can help you focus on the top three important questions and opportunities!

How Important Are Star Ratings?

In analyzing the final star ratings of nearly 100 beta tests, we found that users who encountered an issue during the course of the test rated those products half a star lower on average. When you consider that brands could see a $1 million decrease in their annual Amazon sales by losing .1 star across four products, it highlights just how much quality impacts star ratings.

Safeguarding High Star Ratings

It’s often said that “prevention is the best medicine.” The same is true for your products’ star ratings — testing your product with customers out in the real world before release is the best way to prevent bugs and other star-stealing issues from falling through the cracks.

Report is editable!

Edit the report’s product list at any time according to your needs, without the need to create a new report, enabling one-step analysis.

Within any analysis report, click on the ‘Edit’ button in the upper right corner to enter the product list editing interface, where you can add or delete the products analyzed in the current report at any time. This allows the data to keep up with analysis needs and analyze newly emerging competitors in one step.

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