Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Shulex New Version Launched

Upgrade Homepage Design

  • Wider system page to show more effective content
  • Upgrade the system color to show concise page
  • Add knowledge base and system change log
  • Optimize the display when the number of comments or topic is low

Add Amazon Product and BSR Analysis

  • Product analysis with support for searching any Amazon product link or ASIN to get review analysis in minutes.
  • Amazon BSR analysis with support for searching any BSR category on Amazon, direct insight into review analysis results

Upgrade the Progress of Analysis Reports

Reports are analyzed faster and escalated as new reports progress, and Shulex will send you an email when the report is done.


New Release Consumer Purchase Motivation

Intelligent analysis of consumers’ motivation to buy products to target and optimize marketing strategies


Upgrade Unmet Needs

  • Optimize intelligent analysis and increase accuracy rate to over 90%
  • Add keywords and statistics on unmet needs to accurately capture consumers’ most pressing unmet needs

Upgrade the Products Mentioned in the Topic

Add “Most Positive Mentions” and “Most Negative Mentions” to get the best and worst contenders precisely

Optimize system performance

Improved report loading speed, report data can be displayed in a few seconds

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