Friday, July 12, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Books on Amazon: Tips and Tricks for Success

Learn 10 tips for new Amazon book sellers from Steve Rakin of the Raken Profit YouTube channel, who earns over $17k monthly. Use FBA instead of FBW and a scanner to filter books quickly. Software like Excel or Inventory Lab is better than listing on Amazon Seller Central. Advertise on Nextdoor or Facebook Marketplace to get free books. Consider sales rank and competition before pricing items lowest, use Scout IQ scanning app for better decisions when sourcing books, and experiment with different days/times at thrift stores to find inventory efficiently.

How to Sell Books on Amazon FBA in 2022 (Step by Step GUIDE)

Video by @Raikenprofit

  1. The video provides 10 tips for new book sellers on Amazon.
  2. The speaker is Steve Rakin from the Raken Profit YouTube channel.
  3. He sells primarily books and DVDs, making over $17k a month in his Amazon business.
  4. FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is recommended over FBW (Fulfilled by Merchant).
  5. A scanner is essential to filter through books quickly and efficiently.
  6. Use software like Excel or Inventory Lab instead of listing directly on Amazon Seller Central platform.
  7. Put out ads on websites like Nextdoor or Facebook Marketplace to pick up free books from people who want to get rid of them.
  8. Don’t always price your items lowest; consider sales rank and competition before pricing accordingly.
  9. Scout IQ scanning app is recommended for its features such as e-score and custom triggers/rules that help make better decisions when sourcing books
  10. Experiment with different days/times at thrift stores to find the best times to source inventory

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