Monday, April 22, 2024

The Best Review Analysis! Faster, More Accurate, and Traceable

Shulex review analysis has been upgraded! The best review analysis in history has arrived!

Quicker! Analyzed in just 10 seconds, no need for a long wait.

More accurate! Deep analysis based on product categories, understanding of professional terminology goes without saying, and problems are clear at a glance.

Traceable! Click to drill down at any time to view the analysis results of related products and consumer feedback, helping to quickly identify issues.


Before: Comment analysis used to require a wait of four hours.

Now: Shulex has enabled its self-developed tags, delving into category insights and discovering authentic consumer reviews, with results generated within 10 seconds.

More Accurate

Before: The analysis results only showed the description and reason after being clustered by AI, and the content was scattered and difficult to locate specific problems.

Now: Comment analysis is more focused, content statistics are closer to the product’s professional category, and accuracy is greater than 90%.


System Report:


Before: Only statistical analysis results could be seen, and it was impossible to verify and confirm specific consumer usage issues and scenarios.

Now: Any data supports drilling down to the customer’s original voice and actual scenario, locking in the problem in one step.

Click on any content to jump to related products and consumer feedback for the corresponding topic.


The new upgrade only applies to newly created review analysis. If you need to analyze content with self-developed tags and drill-down data in reports as of today, please create a new report.

  • Extension recreation method: Refresh the page and click “Start Comment Analysis” again.
  • System report on the method of re-creation: Re-creation requires analysis of the set of goods that need to be observed.

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