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Unleashing the Power of Amazon A9: Boosting Your Product Visibility

Learn how Reseller App helps e-commerce sellers scale their business on Amazon by optimizing listings with relevant keywords, analyzing competitor listings, and improving social proof through positive reviews/testimonials/influencer marketing. Discover the two parts to ranking (matching and positioning) and desirability/discoverability factors that include title, bullet points, metadata, descriptions, images, price, stock availability and keyword research/optimization. Improve your rankings by thinking like a customer when decrypting the A9 algorithm.

Understanding Amazon A9 Algorithm

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  1. The speaker is from Reseller App, an integrated data platform for e-commerce sellers.
  2. They help all types of sellers scale their business on Amazon.
  3. The presentation will focus on the A9 algorithm and how it works.
  4. It’s important to think like a customer when decrypting the algorithm.
  5. There are two parts to ranking: matching and positioning.
  6. Desirability factors include title, bullet points, metadata, descriptions, images, etc.
  7. Discoverability factors include price, stock availability, keyword research/optimization
  8. Optimizing listings involves using relevant keywords in titles/descriptions/bullet points/a plus content/backend keywords; optimizing for mobile; analyzing competitor listings; checking auto-suggested keywords or using Seller App Keyword Research tool
  9. External traffic from social media can improve rankings if there is better conversion rate
  10. Social proof such as positive reviews/testimonials/influencer marketing can also improve rankings according to Amazon’s A9 algorithm

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