Monday, April 15, 2024

Why are consumer insights important?

We can define today’s consumers as follows:

1) They have more channels to better understand brands, products and services.
2) Consumers are connected to each other through the Internet and can easily refer to genuine reviews and opinions before they make decision.
3) They expect personalization and they don’t like to be approached by “one-size-fits-all” advertising.

The last definition means that segmenting consumers is getting harder than ever. It is definitely not enough to describe “20-30-year-old girls like X”. Brands even need to be able to identify different subgroups within their target segments and be able to communicate the right message to each one. If they don’t, consumers may be reached by another company and brand that does, and thus become their customers.

Companies and brands need to take charge immediately because consumers are changing constantly. They are more and more demanding, urgent, and unpredictable. Shulex VOC specialized in helping companies and brands capture these signals in a powerful way with artificial intelligence to form the most vivid and complete customer insights, speeding up the time it takes companies and brands to identify any change and saving them valuable time to fine-tune their strategies and make valuable business decisions.

Social media is definitely a great source of data for gaining consumer insights. There are 4.5 billion social media users worldwide who are sharing every aspect of their lives every day. Companies and brands alike need to start using social media to access all the data and information that is beneficial to create products and services that resonate with consumers. If you want to learn more about overseas consumer insights or are looking for a good VOC tool, follow Shulex VOC and learn more about our products and services, we’d love to help.

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