Monday, April 15, 2024

VOC AI Review Analysis API Introduction


VOC AI helps sellers(brands) to identify market opportunities and define winning products by leveraging sentiment analysis & AI/ChatGPT technology.

VOCAI is now opening up its raw data or AI-analyzed conclusion data related to Amazon review analysis to large sellers or service providers with a certain research and development team.

VOC AI can provide Amazon’s full original review data, and its self-developed AI review tagging model can output user profiles, consumer purchasing motivations, usage scenarios, product strengths and weaknesses, and other data based on the original reviews.


VOCAI have access to the complete Amazon review data and also support data collection from other customized platforms.

We have excellent algorithms and a team of industry experts, with multiple self-developed industry-specific algorithm models.

We have over 150,000 users worldwide, such as Anker.

Example of Data Application

VOC AI provides two types of APIs.

  • Amazon reviews, including the reviewer’s name, star rating, original text, images, or videos, and other information.
  • The result data after key information extraction and labeling by an AI model, which can be used to analyze consumer profiles, product strengths and weaknesses, etc.

API Document

Service and Application

We provide close technical support and after-sales service, support until the API works normally.

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